Nominations: Employee of the Month

The A-3 assembly is on the lookout for A-3 employees who fit the following description: dependable...results-oriented...team player...excellent worker...and high achiever.

These qualities must not go unnoticed! This person must be found!

If you know of someone who fits the description, please turn him/her in to the A-3 Assembly Employee Recognition Committee by submitting the form and information requested below. The form and information must be returned to Betty Thomas, A-3 Employee Recognition Committee Chair, at 212 Franklin Building/6270 by December 21. Questions: Ms. Thomas, Ext. 8-7233.

Nominee's Name_______________________________Nominee's Position___________________

Nominee's Campus Address_____________________________________Ext. ________________

Your name____________________________________Your Position________________________

Your Campus Address__________________________________________Ext. ________________

Do you supervise the nominee? YES________ NO________

On an attached piece of paper, please provide specific examples of the nominee's actions, attitudes and abilities that you feel qualify this person for this award. For example:

1. How does the nominee show dedication to his or her position in his or her department?

2. How does the nominee demonstrate teamwork skills?

3. How does the nominee demonstrate a high level of communication skills?

4. How does the nominee show dedication at work or in his or her personal life?

5. How does the nominee contribute to helping others outside work?

6. Please write one to two paragraphs stating why you feel this individual should be honored by the A-3 Assembly Employee Recognition Committee.


Tuesday, November 14, 1995
Volume 42 Number 12

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