Speaking Out

More on Needleman

Dr. Shapiro informed the community of the success achieved through 400 signatures from around the world on a petition to obtain open hearings for Dr. Herbert Needleman (a Penn alumnus) at the University of Pittsburgh (Almanac December 8, 1992). The positive result for Dr. Needleman is only part of the story, however. He sustained enormous costs in defending himself against the charges. We can be of further assistance by contributing to the Needleman Defense Fund set up under the auspices of the American Association of University Professors in Pennsylvania. Send your check or money order to Dr. Robert Norman, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Pittsburgh, PA 15260. Large or small contributions are gratefully received. Every penny helps!

- Elsa L. Ramsden, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, Nursing, and President, AAUP Pennsylvania Division


January 12, 1993
Volume 39 Number 17

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