January 12, 1993 Almanac Volume 39 Number 17

January 12, 1993 Almanac

New Gabel Chair in SEAS-John Bassani.
To the University Community: Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.
No January Meeting: Council Steering Committee.
Evening Salute.
Senate-Early Retirement Program.
Bringing Penn's Way in from the Cold.
Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr..
From the President-Looking Ahead.
W.E.B. DuBois House, 1972-92.
Proposals for Retiree Medical Plan Modification.

Almanac Supplement: For Comment -- Penn's International Dimensions

Speaking Out: Questioning FAS 106 Proposals
Speaking Out: Response to Dr. Pring (on FAS 106)
Speaking Out: More on Dr. Needleman
HERS 1993-Application March 5.
Berlin Funds for Ph.D. Candidates.
Child Immunization Coverage.
Elm-A New Electronic Mail Service.
Children's Classes-January 14.
Changes in PennBus and Loop.
InfoTechnology Five Years Ahead.
January at Penn Update .
UPPD Community Crime Report, 12/14-1/3.

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