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Selected Documents Published Prior to July 1995

NEW Various issues: Writings by Clifton Cherpack ranging from 1972-1987

Almanac October 7, 1980: The Spaces in Between by Sir Peter Shepheard

Almanac May 11, 1982: The Associated Investments Fund: A History of a Pennsylvania "First" by Wm Richard Gordon

Almanac January 12, 1993: Click here for the contents of the Vol. 39, No. 17 issue

Almanac October 26, 1993:

Almanac March 15, 1994: OF RECORD: Patent and Tangible Research Property Policies and Procedures of the University of Pennsylvania

Almanac March 22, 1994:

Almanac April 5, 1994: Final Report of the Commission on Strengthening the Community

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