Take the Worry Out of Snow Days with Snow Day Child Care

Penn’s Snow Day Child Care program offers backup child care for benefits-eligible faculty and staff when inclement weather closes schools in the Philadelphia School District but Penn remains open.

The program is offered in partnership with the Penn Children’s Center, and is available to children ages 12 weeks to 12 years. The University covers most of the cost, but there is a daily fee based on your Penn salary, the age of your children, and the number of children you place in care. Fees are listed at https://www.hr.upenn.edu/PennHR/wellness-worklife/family-care/snow-day-child-care.

Snow Day Child Care is available between December 4 and March 30, but parents must register before there is a snow day by completing an online application at http://cms.business-services.upenn.edu/childcare/temporary-childcare/snow-day-care.html 

For more information, call the Penn Children’s Center at 215-898-5268.

For more Work-Life programs and services, visit https://www.hr.upenn.edu/PennHR/wellness-worklife

—Division of Human Resources