Sharon Smith: Associate Vice Provost for University Life

caption: Sharon SmithSharon Smith, Executive Director of Student Intervention Services, has been named Associate Vice Provost for University Life. Since June 19, she has been a member of VPUL’s Central Resource Management Team (CRMT) reporting directly to Vice Provost Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum.

“Sharon works tirelessly across campus on behalf of undergraduate, graduate and professional students facing complex personal, academic, familial and health challenges,” Dr. McCoullum said. “I am so pleased to recognize the depth and breadth of her commitment with this expanded leadership position.”

“I am honored to take on these new responsibilities,” Ms. Smith added. “Crisis intervention is true collaboration, and I am privileged to work with so many caring and compassionate people in VPUL and across campus.”

Ms. Smith has worked at Penn since 1987 serving in leadership positions in PENNCAP, New Student Orientation and Open Expression. She helped create the mission and framework of Student Intervention Services (SIS) and in 2002 she became SIS’ founding director. SIS leads the University’s response to emergencies and critical incidents involving students.

SIS works closely with the Offices of Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS), Student Health Service, the Chaplain’s Office, Special Services in the Division of Public Safety, and 12 schools on short-term and long-term case management of critical situations. In this role, Ms. Smith has consulted with senior administrators, Deans, faculty, staff, alumni, families and community members in a shared mission to serve students in crisis.

The Student Intervention Services team has grown in recent years in response to the complexity of individual emergencies and institutional responses. Ms. Smith will continue to oversee her three-person team of an Associate Director, Case Manager and Outreach Coordinator.