Penn Nursing Faculty: AMA Awards

The Nursing Informatics Working Group of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) recently recognized two papers authored by Penn faculty at its national symposium in November.

Kathryn Bowles, professor and the vanAmeringen Chair in Nursing Excellence at Penn Nursing, received the Harriet H. Werley Award for the paper, Nurse Generated EHR Data Supports Post-Acute Care Referral Decision Making: Development and Validation of a Two-step Algorithm. The Harriet H. Werley Award honors the paper presented at the symposium that makes the greatest contribution to advancing the field of nursing informatics.

The paper’s co-authors included Penn Nursing’s Mary Naylor, Susan Keim, Sheryl Potashnik, John Holmes and Emilia Flores, as well as PSOM’s Sarah J. Ratcliffe.

Ms. Keim, a lecturer and director of Penn Nursing’s graduate Nursing & Healthcare Administration & Leadership programs, also was honored with the 2017 Nursing Informatics Working Group Student Award for the paper, Comparison of Algorithm Advice for Post-acute Care Referral to Usual Clinical Decision-making: Examination of 30-day Acute Care Utilization. The award recognizes a student who demonstrates excellence in nursing informatics and who has the potential to contribute significantly to the discipline.