Open Forum Topics at University Council Meeting: December 5

The following topics have been submitted for the Open Forum at tomorrow’s Council meeting in Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall.

  1. Request to present on an entrepreneurship initiative that would help to connect business students with engineers; submitted by Suganth Kannan (W’21)
  2. Request to speak on initiatives to integrate LPS BA students with the general Penn undergraduate community, as well as how transitioning to an online format will impact military veterans; submitted by Shehroz Malik (LPS’20)
  3. Request to speak on the University’s impact on climate change and human rights through its investments in coal and tar sands companies; submitted by Zach Rissman (C’19)
  4. Request to speak on improving the incentive to do academic research at Penn by making research an academic elective; submitted by Mark Shtrakhman (C’20)
  5. Request to speak on proposal to increase the accessibility of menstrual health products on campus; submitted by Nikhil Gupta (W’22)
  6. Request to speak about the Second Year Experience program; submitted by Marcus Nowlan (EAS’21)
  7. Request to address the disproportionate underfunding of the economics department and of graduate students in general; submitted by Isaac Rabbani (GAS’27)
  8. Request to discuss the number of PTO days for 10-month employees; submitted by Rashmi Kumar (GRD’11) specialist in STEM Learning, Weingarten Learning Resources Center