Michael Kahana and Sharon Thompson-Schill: Psychonomic Society Mid-Career Award

Sharon Thompson-Schill, Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Psychology and chair of the department of psychology, and psychology professor Michael Kahana recently received the inaugural psychonomic Society Mid-Career Award, given for exceptional contributions to the field of experimental and cognitive psychology.

Dr. Thompson-Schill is also the founding director of MindCORE (Center for Outreach, Research and Education), a School of Arts & Sciences initiative that unites researchers and programs across the University involving human intelligence and behavior to promote multidisciplinary collaboration. Her lab studies the biological bases of human cognitive systems. She uses a combination of psychological and neuroscientific methods, in both healthy and brain-damaged individuals, to study complex thought and behavior, including topics in perception, memory, attention, language, personality and creativity.

Dr. Kahana studies human memory and its neural mechanisms, especially episodic memory, spatial memory and recognition memory. His current research focus, funded by the US Department of Defense, is the Restoring Active Memory (RAM) project, an effort aimed at developing next-generation technologies to restore memory function in people who suffer from memory loss due to disease or traumatic injury.