Highlights from 35 years of ARG Exhibitions

As the Arthur Ross Gallery begins celebrating its 35th anniversary, here’s a look back at how the Almanac featured some of the gallery’s more than 250 exhibitions. 

The Disasters of War: La Tauromaquia, Spanish Entertainment, and Other Prints of Francisco Goya (Almanac February 1, 1983). 

The Silent Language of Guatemalan Textiles (Almanac January 15, 1985). 

Women in Ancient Egypt From a Century of Excavation by The University Museum (Almanac February 3, 1987). 

Penn Prints: Thirty Years of Printmaking at the University of Pennsylvania (Almanac November 6, 1990). 

Graced Places: The Architecture of Wilson Eyre (Almanac March 15, 1994).  

The Affair of Art: Three Views (Almanac September 20, 1994). 

Constructing Penn: Heritage, Imagination, Innovation (Almanac October 25, 1994).  

Mary Ellen Mark: 30 Years (Almanac May 7, 1996). 

Confronting Cancer Through Art (Almanac June 18, 1996). 

The Fragrance of Ink: Korean Literati Paintings of the Chosen Dynasty (1392-1910) (Almanac November 18, 1997). 

Sargent to Freud: Modern British Paintings and Drawings in The Beaverbrook Art Gallery (Almanac November 3, 1998). 

Transformation: Jews and Modernity (Almanac April 10, 2001). 

Sam Maitin: A Life in Art (Almanac January 11, 2005). 

Hitoshi Nakazato: Print Series (Almanac May 8, 2007). 

The Mennonites: Photographs by Larry Towell (Almanac July 17, 2007). 

Treasured Pages: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts from the Free Library of Philadelphia (Almanac October 16, 2007).  

The Making of a Room: Louis Kahn Furniture and Interiors (Almanac February 24, 2009). 

West Philadelphia: Building a Community (Almanac September 29, 2009). 

Laughing Matters: Soviet Propaganda in Khrushchev’s Thaw 1956-1964 (Almanac April 6, 2010). 

An American Odyssey: The Warner Collection of American Art (Almanac September 27, 2011).  

Lauren Greenfield’s Girl Culture (Almanac April 5, 2011). 

Double Take: Series, Multiples and Prints (Almanac November 22, 2011).  

California Impressionism: Masters of Light from The Irvine Museum (Almanac September 25, 2012).  

Creating: Quilts of the Lakota (Almanac February 5, 2013).  

On the Wings of Eagle and Raven: Tlingit and Haida Traditions (Almanac April 1, 2014). 

Shared Vision: The Myron A. and Anna Jaffe Portenar Collection (Almanac September 9, 2014).   

Paul Strand: The Mexican Portfolio (Almanac January 27, 2015).  

Courtly Treasures: The Collection of Thomas W. Evans, Surgeon Dentist to Napolean III (Almanac July 14, 2015). 

Expanding the Audience for Art in the 19th Century at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Almanac March 29, 2016).  

Darkwater Revival: After Terry Adkins (Almanac September 13, 2016).  

Landscape/Soundscape (Almanac January 10, 2017).  

Willie Cole: On-Site (Almanac April 18, 2017). 

A View of One’s Own: Three Women Photographers in Rome- Ester Boise Van Deman, Georgina Masson, and Jeannette Montgomery Barron (Almanac September 5, 2017).