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Penn Parking & Transportation's New Vehicle Ticketing System

April 24, 2012, Volume 58, No. 31

After an extensive pilot phase, Penn Parking is ready to fully implement a University Parking & Transportation vehicle ticketing system (this is not a Police ticket), effective May 1, 2012. Starting on that date, vehicles that violate Penn Parking policies will be subject to tickets and fees but will no longer be towed for minor offenses or for first-time violations. The concept behind this new program is to help improve the parking experience at Penn and help educate the parking public on the rules and regulations for parking at Penn without the inconvenience and cost of immediate towing. 

Ticketing also allows for the identification of repeat offenders, so towing is limited to documented, routine violators. Permit holders who park in their assigned location and display their permit should not be subject to ticketing.

On May 1, the Parking Office will begin issuing tickets and assessing fees on vehicles not in compliance with the new policy. Examples of parking violations that will result in the issuance of a ticket and a $35 fee include:

  • Not having a valid permit for the location in which a vehicle is parked, or if the permit is not properly displayed;
  • Parking in a low emission vehicle space before 10 a.m. with an unqualified vehicle;
  • Taking up two parking spaces; and
  • Parking in an unauthorized parking spot.

Parking in a handicapped space without a handicapped tag will result in a $250 fee.

Visitors will be charged on the first violation. Parking patrons will receive warning tickets before the first fee is charged. Permit holders who park in lots 7, 37, 30 and 40 will not be ticketed for lacking a hanging tag as long as they are parked in their assigned locations. Hanging tags will be issued for these locations at a later date. The recipients will be able to pay their tickets by credit card online at www.upenn.edu/parking After three tickets, a vehicle will be subject to towing. Tickets can be appealed online and will be adjudicated by Penn Parking. If the appeal is denied, it will be referred to the Parking Violations Board for their ruling.  

If you have questions or concerns about this new initiative, contact parking@exchange.upenn.edu

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Almanac - April 24, 2012, Volume 58, No. 31