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Long-Term Care

April 24, 2012, Volume 58, No. 31

Extension of Long-Term Care Insurance Enrollment
If you missed the opportunity to enroll for long-term care insurance with Penn’s new vendor—Genworth Financial—don’t worry! We’re extending the special enrollment period for long-term care coverage.

Full-time faculty and staff have until May 11, 2012 to enroll without having to show proof of good health.
The guaranteed acceptance period is a one-time offering and won’t be available each year with the same terms. You can still apply for long-term care insurance outside of this initial enrollment period, but you’ll be subject to medical underwriting. Keep in mind that your e
ligible family members must provide proof of good health even during this special enrollment period.

For more information and to apply, visit www.genworth.com/groupltc (Group ID: UPenn; Access Code: groupltc). Or call 800-416-3624 and speak to a Genworth customer service representative.

If you already have an existing long-term care contract with our previous vendor—John Hancock—you’ll retain your coverage, but will have the opportunity to enroll with Genworth later this year.

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Plan for Your Future with Long-Term Care
More than 40% of people over age 65 will need care in a nursing home, and four out of 10 people receiving long-term care are between 18 and 64 years old. What’s more—the cost of long-term care has been on the rise since 2006.* So how do you prepare if a chronic disease or disability strikes you or a loved one? Long-term care insurance can help.

Whether you need help dressing, bathing or using the bathroom, long-term care insurance can help cover the costs of services received in a nursing home, in the community or at your own home. Not only can it give you financial stability if the unexpected strikes, you also pay a lower premium the younger you are when you apply. Plus, health insurance and Medicare don’t usually cover the cost of nursing homes, assisted living facilities or in-home care.* Long-term care insurance can help defray some of those costs so you don’t have to worry about the out-of-pocket expense.

Ready to kick your long-term care plan into high gear? If you’re a full-time employee, see how Penn’s long-term care benefit can help you.

*Source: Genworth Financial and Medicare.

—Division of Human Resources

Almanac - April 24, 2012, Volume 58, No. 31