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Antiquing to Save Lives

April 24, 2012, Volume 58, No. 31


A tradition dating back to 1962, The Philadelphia Antiques Show is the premier show for Americana, offering patrons the chance to purchase the finest of unique and timeless treasures. This year the show moves to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. It will be held on April 28 through May 1 with a preview party on April 27.

The Philadelphia Antiques Show has grown to be one of the most prominent shows in the United States, famed for its wide array of decorative pieces and furnishings. The Show selects dealers and art galleries that offer the finest quality antiques to add a touch of history to today’s American home. Proceeds from the show benefit Penn Medicine. The 2012 show marks its 51st year as the major fundraiser for Penn Medicine to support innovative programs with direct impact on patient care.

Benificiary: Lung Transplant Program
Proceeds from the 2012 Philadelphia Antiques Show will continue to raise funds for the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Since 1962, the show has raised over $18 million for the advancement of patient care. This year, the show will help establish the Penn Lung Transplant Ex Vivo Perfusion Program. The new addition of this Program to Penn Medicine’s Lung Transplant Program is a major initiative to promote innovative donor recovery practices, as well as extend treatment to more patients suffering from chronic lung disease.

      Lung transplantation is a therapeutic option for patients with end stage lung disease who otherwise have no effective alternatives. A major limitation of this therapy is the limited availability of donors. More than 200 times as many people die of chronic lung disease each year in the US than are transplanted. Ex Vivo lung perfusion is a novel donor adjunct used to rehabilitate marginal high-risk organs for patients who would otherwise die waiting for transplant. This program will facilitate the rehabilitation of organs normally unsuitable for transplantation throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. As a leader in innovation surgical practices, this Program will use its resources to expand the number of transplants performed within the Health System and revolutionize the practice of lung transplantation throughout the US. The overall goal of the Program is to make the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania the safest place to receive a lung transplant by virtue of eliminating waitlist mortality. The Penn Lung Transplant Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion Program will also leverage the existing state-of-the-art clinical and basic science research enterprise to discover and implement therapeutics to treat chronic lung diseases and improve the lives of patients.

The Loan Exhibit: Pennsylvania Hospital
As the Philadelphia Antiques Show celebrates its first ever show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the 2012 Loan Exhibition also highlights a Philadelphia first—the Pennsylvania Hospital, the nation’s first chartered hospital. Where History Meets Medicine: Antiques from the Nation’s First Hospital will be on display. A tradition dating back to the show’s founding, a museum-quality loan exhibit is chosen every year to offer visitors a glimpse into a particular genre of antiques. Consisting of rare books and manuscripts, fine art by notable artists of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, as well as antique furniture and artifacts, the loan exhibit will highlight Pennsylvania Hospital’s collection. The portraits that grace the walls of the old Pine Building reflect the best of Philadelphia: wealthy businessmen acting as managers of the Pennsylvania Hospital as well as illustrious physicians who changed the state of health care not just in Philadelphia, but across the nation. Interesting items such as their pump fire engine (below) and Staffordshire Blue and White Pottery Platter tell an interesting tale of early America. Along with rare books, antique furniture and fine art, the Exhibition Show will delight visitors by peering into the early life of a Philadelphia first, the Pennsylvania Hospital.

The curator of the 2012 Loan Exhibition is Stacey C. Peeples, Pennsylvania Hospital Curator-Lead Archivist. Ms. Peeples has been in her role at the Pennsylvania Hospital Historic Collections for nearly 11 years. The collection itself has been amassed over the past 260 years.

Founded in 1751 by Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Thomas Bond, Pennsylvania Hospital continues to serve the community. Featuring paintings and sculpture by noted artists of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, rare furniture and books, and objects that illustrate the hospital’s place in Philadelphia history, the exhibition will allow visitors to peer into the early life of one of the country’s preeminent institutions.

The 2012 Philadelphia Antiques Show will house 58 antiques dealers in Hall F of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, making for the show’s largest selection of antiques and fine art yet. With 56 booths to showcase the dealers and galleries, the show will offer visitors the most exquisite selection of antiques, including furniture, paintings, works on paper, porcelain, folk art, jewelry, textiles, and more. Each dealer’s booth creatively displays antiques of exceptional quality that will renew passion in the seasoned collector, as well as excite new patrons to begin collections of their own.

2012 show chairwoman Gretchen Riley said, “We are overjoyed to welcome wonderful show accommodations, including a café and dining room, a lecture room to feature our superb lecture series, and a brand new addition of three interior designer rooms that will showcase timeless American antiques in today’s modern American homes.” Sponsored by 1stdibs.com, the world’s largest online marketplace for quality antiques and vintage design, the three rooms will feature antiques selected from the 2012 Philadelphia Antiques show’s dealers in three modern settings.

Special Lectures
To further educate patrons about antiques, a line-up of lectures has returned to the show, and will be available daily to enlighten current and newly inspired collectors. The lectures will be spoken from a variety of viewpoints, to include: Stacey C. Peeples, curator-lead archivist at the Pennsylvania Hospital Historical Collection; Tim Hill, co-director of the acclaimed Hill Gallery; Morrison H. Heckscher, the Lawrence A. Fleischman Chairman of the American wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Arthur Liverant, a third generation antiques dealer and veteran of booth talks and museum presentations; Leslie Anne Miller, a collector of American antiques; Thomas Jayne, decorator and scholar of American design; Set C. Momjian, a premier collector of White House presidential china; and Christopher Rebollo, a renowned antiques dealer with a passion for restoring furniture. The lectures are free to all show attendees.

An exquisite flower exhibit pairs accomplished Philadelphia-area floral designers with 2012 show dealers. Their collaborative efforts result in dynamic displays of Americana, from American folk art and furniture, to antique samplers and jewelry. A picturesque timeline comprised of intricate designs convey a piece’s journey through captivating composition.

Private daily tours of the show will be offered every morning before the Show opens to the public. Philadelphia Museum of Art Fairmount Park House guides will share their knowledge as they escort small groups through the Show highlighting notable objects offered by the outstanding exhibitors and taking a closer look at the Loan Exhibit.

Tours are $25 per person and include general admission to the show. To purchase tickets or for more information about the 2012 Philadelphia Antiques Show, visit www.PhilaAntiques.com or call (610) 902-2109.

Almanac - April 24, 2012, Volume 58, No. 31