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Penn Law: A Dramatic New Building

April 10, 2012, Volume 58, No. 29


The University of Pennsylvania Law School’s newest building, Golkin Hall, creates a dramatic new entry to the Penn Law campus and provides a place where students can gather, exchange ideas and cross disciplines in a variety of spaces ranging from intimate ones to a 344-seat auditorium (see below). The 40,000-square foot building was designed by the Boston-based firm Kennedy & Violich Architecture. The $33.5 million building features flexible, state-of-the-art seminar and collaboration spaces, and enhances interactions and facilitates new ones between and among faculty, students and staff. The design represents the identity of a contemporary, interdisciplinary Law School and its collaborative academic programs. It promotes the collegial and collaborative environment that is central to Penn Law’s educational mission.

“Golkin Hall completes a 10-year transformation of the Penn Law campus (Almanac November 16, 2010). This major expansion in our academic facilities will ensure our continued role as a leader and innovator in legal education,” said Dean Michael Fitts. “It will be the perfect environment in which to study law and engage the mind.”







Roof Windows






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