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University Club Annual Meeting: April 26

April 10, 2012, Volume 58, No. 29

ClubUniversity Club at Penn members are invited to attend the University Club's Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 26. The meeting will be held in the Club's Harrison Room beginning at 4 p.m. A reception will follow the meeting.

The University Club's state of affairs and a slate of nominees for election to the Board of Governors will be presented to the membership.

The slate of nominees are:

Janet Ansert, Deputy Registrar, Student Registration & Financial Services
Thomas Barber, Clinical Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry, School of Dental Medicine
Nicholas Kefalides, Professor Emeritus, Infectious Disease, Perelman School of Medicine
James J. Riley, Administrative & Financial Officer, Cancer-Biology, Perelman School of Medicine

I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting.

John N. Rudolph, Club President

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