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Call for Volunteers for 2012-2013 Committee Service: Deadline March 26

February 21, 2012, Volume 58, No. 23

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To: University Faculty, Penn Professional Staff Assembly, and
Weekly-Paid Professional Staff Assembly Members

From: 2011-2012 University Council Committee on Committees

RE: Volunteers Needed for Committee Service

The University Council 2011-2012 Committee on Committees invites you to nominate yourself or others for service on University Council Committees.  Council committees serve as advisory bodies in shaping academic/administrative policy.  Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to learn about the administrative structure of the University and have input into its decision-making.

Membership on the committees listed is open to faculty and staff, and we invite individuals who have previously served to volunteer again.  We also encourage faculty and staff who have not previously participated to volunteer so that committees may have a mix of new ideas and experience.  Most committees also are open to students; their participation is being solicited through other channels. 

Please submit nominations by March 26, 2012, using the form at right.

To have an idea of a particular committee’s work, you may wish to review its most recent annual report published in Almanac by visiting the University Council website at www.upenn.edu/secretary/council/committees.html

2011–2012 University Council Committee on Committees

Chair:            Susan Margulies (SEAS/
                       Faculty Senate Chair-Elect)
Faculty:         Camille Charles (SAS/Sociology,
                       Faculty Senate Chair)
                       Ellis Golub (Dental)
                       Robert Hornik (Annenberg,
                       Faculty Senate Past Chair)
                       Steven Kimbrough (Wharton)
                       Chi-ming Yang (SAS/English)
Students:      Edward Chen (GAPSA)
                       Justin Moore (UA)
PPSA:           Holly Marrone (Assistant Director, Operations, Hospitality Services)
WPPSA:        Loretta Hauber (Administrative Coordinator, Weingarten Learning Resources Center)
Staff to the Council Committee on Committees:
                       Joseph Gasiewski (Office of the University Secretary)
                       Sue White (Office of the Faculty Senate)

Committees and Their Work

Academic and Related Affairs has cognizance over matters of undergraduate recruiting, admissions, and financial aid that concern the University as a whole or those that are not the specific responsibility of individual faculties; of all programs in recreation, intramural and club sports, and intercollegiate athletics; and of all matters of policy relating to research and the general environment for research at the University, including the assignment and distribution of indirect costs and the assignment of those research funds distributed by the University.  The Committee considers the purposes of a university bookstore.  It advises the administration on policies, developments, and operations of the bookstores and libraries; in such areas as international student services, foreign fellowships and studies abroad, exchange programs, and cooperative undertakings with foreign universities; on athletic operations and recommends changes in policy when appropriate; and on those proposals for sponsored research referred to it because of potential conflict with University policy.

Campus and Community Life has cognizance over the University’s electronic and physical communications and public relations activities; advises on the relationship of the University to the surrounding community; has cognizance of the conditions and rules of undergraduate and graduate student life on campus; and considers and recommends the means to improve safety and security on the campus.

Facilities keeps under review the planning and operation of the University’s physical plans and all services associated therewith, including transportation and parking.

Honorary Degrees is charged with soliciting recommendations for honorary degrees from faculty, staff and students and submits nominations to the Trustee Committee on Honorary Degrees.

Personnel Benefits has cognizance over the benefits programs for all University personnel.  Special expertise in personnel, insurance, taxes or law is often helpful.

Diversity and Equity aids Penn in fostering and taking full advantage of its diversity as well as in strengthening ties across all boundaries to enrich and enliven the campus community. The Committee shall advise the offices of the president, provost, and the executive vice president on ways to develop and maintain a supportive atmosphere on campus for the inclusion and appreciation of diversity among all members of the University community. The Committee will review and provide advice regarding the University’s equal opportunity and affirmative action programs and policies. The areas in which the Committee shall report to the Council include diversity within the educational and work settings, integration of staff and faculty into the larger campus community, and ways to foster a campus environment that is inclusive and supportive of difference.

NOTE: Faculty who wish to serve on the Committee on Open Expression also may use the form below. Nominations will be forwarded to the appropriate Faculty Senate committee.  Please forward names and contact information to Sue White, Faculty Senate Office, Box 12 College Hall/6303, tel. (215) 898-6943; fax (215) 898-0974 or email at senate@pobox.upenn.edu

Please respond by March 26, 2012

For Faculty volunteers, mail this form to: Sue White, Faculty Senate Office, Box 12 College Hall/6303, tel. (215) 898-6943; fax (215) 898-0974 or email at senate@pobox.upenn.edu

For Penn Professional Staff Assembly volunteers, mail to Holly Marrone, assistant director, Operations, Hospitality Services, Stouffer Commons/6027 tel. (215) 573-8631; or email at ppsa@exchange.upenn.edu

For Weekly-Paid Professional Staff Assembly volunteers, mail to Loretta Hauber, Weingarten Learning Resources Center, Ste 300, 3702 Spruce St./6027, tel. (215) 573-9235; or email at lhauber@exchange.upenn.edu

Committee(s) of interest:____________________________________________________


Title or Position:___________________________________________________________


Campus Address (including mail code):_________________________________________

Campus Phone:________________  Email:_____________________________________

Please specify if you think that you are especially qualified for or interested in serving on a particular committee._______________________________________________________________



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Almanac - February 21, 2012, Volume 58, No. 23