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Human Resources: Upcoming Programs

January 17, 2012, Volume 58, No. 17

Healthy Living

Get the tools you need to live well year-round. From expert nutrition and weight loss advice to exercise and disease prevention strategies, we can help you kick-start your body and embrace a healthy lifestyle. These free workshops are sponsored by Human Resources. For complete details and to register, visit www.hr.upenn.edu/quality/wellness/workshops.aspx. Or contact Human Resources at (215) 898-5116 or suzsmith@upenn.edu.

Food Swapping 101: Tricks of the Trade; January 19; noon–1 p.m.; free. You don’t have to avoid your favorite restaurants just because you’re trying to eat well. This workshop will show you how to dine out and still enjoy yourself—the healthy way. You’ll learn how to make smarter menu choices and avoid fat and calories without sacrificing taste. By learning a few tricks of the trade, you’ll be a pro at dining out the healthy way. This workshop will be led by Suzanne Smith, health promotion program administrator for Penn Human Resources.

Professional and Personal Development

Improve your skills and get ahead in your career by taking advantage of the many development opportunities provided by Human Resources. You can register for programs by visiting the Human Resources online course catalog at www.hr.upenn.edu/coursecatalog or by contacting Learning and Education at (215) 898-3400.

Total Organization; February 2; 2:30–4 p.m.; $40. Staying organized in the workplace can be challenging, especially when you have an abundance of emails, paper and computer files to manage. So how do you stay on top of your work with so much information overload? Well now you can learn how! This webinar will teach you practical approaches to organizing your work space, all of which is done right at your desk. By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a newly organized desk and computer desktop that’s conducive to your specific needs.

Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Techniques; February 7; 12:30–2 p.m.; $40. Microsoft Excel is chock full of features that can help support your work objectives—and this webinar will highlight them. Learn advanced features such as data entry, manipulation and presentation; enabling multiple users to share workbooks and track and edit changes; and creating templates.

Microsoft Word 2010 Techniques; February 7; 12:30–2 p.m.; $40. Tap into the power of Microsoft Word to help meet your professional goals. This webinar will show you advanced features in Word that can save you time and resources when you’re working on documents. You’ll learn how to use bookmarks and hyperlinks, create charts and graphs, review and edit documents with tracked changes, and how to generate a table of contents and an index.

Diversity Brown Bag Matinee—Creating a Respectful Workplace; February 8; noon–1 p.m.; free. Most of us tend to be more productive in a positive work environment—one free of negative behaviors such as harassment, racism and ageism, to name a few. This workshop will give you the opportunity to discuss respectful behaviors in the workplace. It’ll focus on respect and responsibility and provide you with tools and resources to prevent harassment and other forms of prohibited discrimination before it occurs. You’ll also learn about University policies that help promote a respectful work atmosphere and resources to address inappropriate behaviors in the workplace.

Career Management in the Age of the App; February 8, 15; 3–4 p.m.; $40. Are you wondering what the next steps in your career should be? This two-session webinar will show you new ways to think about your career advancement. You’ll learn how to define your short- and long-term career goals and how to stay on track with those goals from one month to the next. We’ll also show you how to evaluate your current skills and experience and help you identify areas for growth.

Microsoft Project 2007 Techniques; February 13; 2:30–4:30 p.m.; $40. If you want to enhance your project management skills, this webinar can help. Microsoft Project 2007 gives you powerful project management tools to help you stay on top of your workload more effectively. You’ll get tips on how to successfully organize your work, manage calendars, update your project timeline and more.

Brown Bag Matinee—From No to Yes; February 15; noon–1 p.m.; free. If you’re like most people, you probably disagree with colleagues from time to time. But knowing the art of persuasion can make the road to productivity a lot smoother—and we can show you how to do it! This video will give you a three-stage approach for meeting everybody’s needs in the workplace. You’ll learn the importance of active listening, how to explain your own feelings, and how to build on other people’s ideas to foster a more collaborative conversation.

Managing and Organizing Your Email Inbox Using Microsoft Outlook 2010; February 15; 12:30–2 p.m.; $40. If you’re looking for ways to manage your email inbox and avoid email overload, this webinar is for you. You’ll learn techniques and shortcuts that will save you time and help you get maximum results from your email. Topics include customizing and setting flags, creating categories to organize your inbox, using tasks and the calendar, organizing and archiving your messages and more.

Social Networking for Career Development; February 22, 29; 12:30–2 p.m.; $40. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Have you tweeted with career experts in your field? Social media can be a valuable professional development tool—and this webinar will show you how online networking can help you climb the career ladder. Learn a variety of personal branding strategies to help enhance your career. You’ll discover the importance of your online reputation, how to be a pro at social networking, and how to develop professional and social credibility.

Career Focus Brown Bag—The Helping Hand: Coaching Skills for Managers; February 23; noon–1 p.m.; free. Knowing how to delegate is an essential skill for managers. When you take the time to help your staff develop new talents and increase their productivity, you end up with even more time to get your own work done. This video will show you how valuable coaching and delegating really are. You’ll learn a five-step system for developing your staff so they can increase their knowledge, skills and experiences.

Microsoft Access Techniques—Intermediate; February 23; 3–4:30 p.m.; $40. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Access but want to expand your skills, this webinar is for you. You’ll learn about the more powerful tools in Access, like how to use advanced field types, move data within tables, customize forms and report, automate tasks with macros and more.

Overcoming Email Overload; February 23; 2:10–2:50 p.m.; $40. Is your email inbox bursting at the seams? Get fast and easy tips that’ll cut down on your email volume and help you organize your messages in a more effective way.

Franklin Covey’s FOCUS; February 24; 9 a.m.–5 p.m.; $75. With so much happening in any given workday, how do you figure out what to tackle first? That’s when it’s time to FOCUS. This workshop will show you how to complete your most important tasks of the day so you accomplish not just some things, but the right things. Learn how to manage all of the information that comes your way—from emails and phone calls to multiple projects, meetings and deadlines. You’ll develop a planning system that’s tailored to your individual needs so you can lead a happier, more productive life.

Letter-Perfect Grammar and Proofreading; February 28; 9 a.m.–4 p.m.; $75. Top-notch communication skills are a must in today’s workplace. This new program will help you polish your grammar skills and give you important tips and techniques for mistake-proof communications. You’ll learn how to master the art of proofreading and how to apply the most important rules of grammar to your work, like proper punctuation and capitalization and commonly misspelled and misused words and phrases. We’ll also help you become an expert in catching errors and show you how technology can (and can’t) help your writing.

Penn Certificate Program in Administrative Excellence; begins February 29; multiple days, times; $100. The Penn Certificate Program in Administrative Excellence can take your professional performance to the next level. Learn valuables skills that’ll help you tackle any project that comes your way—from communication skills and time and stress management to organizing multiple projects and working more effectively with your manager. We’ll show you top-notch techniques that can give you an edge in the administrative field. You’ll learn how to build your professional network and get expert advice on how to build your career plan and meet your professional goals.

Quality of Worklife Workshops

Dealing with the demands of work and your personal life can be challenging. These free workshops, sponsored by Human Resources and led by experts from Penn’s Employee Assistance Program and Quality of Worklife Department, offer information and support for your personal and professional life challenges. For complete details and to register, visit www.hr.upenn.edu/coursecatalog or contact Human Resources at (215) 573-2471 or gstull@upenn.edu.

Relaxing Ways to Manage Your Stress; February 29; noon–1 p.m.; free. Don’t let stress take a toll on your well-being. We can show you how to win the war on stress and become a pro at tackling tension. This workshop series will show you different relaxation tools and guided imagery practices to help you make stress management a lifelong habit. You’ll get hands-on practice using a variety of breathing techniques and muscle relaxation tips that you can use every day—at work and at home.

Almanac - January 17, 2012, Volume 58, No. 17