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ISC Networking & Telecommunications Services & Rates for FY 2013

December 13, 2011, Volume 58, No. 15

A number of ISC N&T rate changes will go into effect beginning July 1, 2012.

These changes result from recommendations made by the Network Planning Task Force (NPTF), a cross-campus team made up of technology and business staff that discuss strategies and resolve issues surrounding the future planning and funding of PennNet. This year’s NPTF recommendations are summarized in the November 7, 2011 presentation located at: www.upenn.edu/computing/group/nptf/2011/11.07.pdf If you have any questions determining which services you require, please see www.upenn.edu/computing/isc/networking/or call (215) 746-6000. All ISC N&T FY’13 rates are available at: www.upenn.edu/computing/isc/networking/rates/

—Robin Beck, Vice President, Information Systems and Computing

—Michael Palladino, Associate Vice President, Networking & Telecommunications, ISC

ISC Networking & Telecommunications
Services & Rates for FY 2013

Highlights of FY 2013 Changes

The Central Service Fee provides funding for a vast range of services and has been very stable over the last 5 years—despite implementing many infrastructure upgrades and security enhancements. This year there will be modest increases for various services while at the same time adding additional requested features in the Central Infrastructure Bundle. The CSF rate increase of 7% is offset by reductions in telephony services. Rates have been carefully reviewed with the NPTF and we have agreement from those schools and center representatives.

Despite adding enhanced guest access capabilities for wireless service and a new security tool (Intrusion Detection System) to the Central Service Fee, we have been able to hold aggregate Networking charges (the CSF bundle of services, a network port and full PennNet Phone service) to an increase of 1.7% for FY’13. Port fees will decrease for 1000Base-T from a monthly charge of $15 in FY’12 to $10 in FY’13 while other port rates are remaining constant. The package of telephony services including voice mail, VoIP phones and phone set continues to be 20% lower than Centrex rates. Email services will increase $0.20 per month for Exchange and $0.25 for Zimbra.

Overall these are modest increases and more importantly will enhance our network security defenses. For more information regarding the bundle of services see: www.upenn.edu/computing/isc/networking/rates/data/csf.html

Infrastructure and Ports

Infrastructure convergence continues with our Next Generation PennNet project. This strategic investment has proven effective in delivering very high levels of infrastructure, system and service reliability while enhancing capacity. All buildings have gigabit Ethernet (with 10 gigabit coming) and gigabit capable desktop connections. Critical buildings have dual gigabit (with 10 gigabit coming) connections and enhanced fiber optic cabling. Due to these strategic investments, we are able to further lower the gigabit rate in FY’13 by 33% thus saving customers over $100k. Additionally, wireless capacity will increase by nearly 50% in FY’12.

Data Rates (Monthly)



IP Address Fee (CSF)



Port Fees












Activation fees apply to all port activations.
See: www.upenn.edu/computing/isc/networking/rates/activation.html       

Wireless Networks



Access Point Installation



Access Point Support Fee

$31.75 for AP,

$31.75 for


vLAN & port

AP, vLAN & port

* This is an estimate for budgeting purposes. Monthly support costs include equipment capitalization, hardware and software maintenance and staff support.


Traditional and PennNet Phones rates for FY’13 are the same but do reflect a nominal increase in the price of one of the VoIP sets. ISC will continue to transition customers from traditional telephony services to PennNet Phone and will waive the $115 installation fee and provide limited subsidized wiring. As part of the conversion process, ISC is conducting audits on traditional phone lines, sets and voicemail. Since project inception in FY’09, a combination of PennNet Phone conversions and audits have saved the Penn community over $1M.

Voice Rates (Monthly)






Centrex line/VoIP line



Phone set with maintenance












Usage (Average User)






For a complete description of telephony services and rates, see: www.upenn.edu/computing/voice/

Call Center Services (ACD) 

Call center rates have remained constant since the start of the service in 2007. In FY’13 a 5% increase across the board is necessary to support staff and vendor cost increases. See www.upenn.edu/computing/isc/networking/rates/voice/acd.html

Email Services
Most email rates will increase for FY’13 while storage rates remain the same.

Email Services (Monthly)



Zimbra–Basic & Enhanced



Authentication Security



Microsoft Exchange



Blackberry with Exchange



Forward only service                                




For a complete description of email services and rates, see www.upenn.edu/computing/isc/networking/rates/data/email.html

Video Rates (Monthly)



PVN Outlet



The Penn Video Productions group offers a full range of production, storage and distribution services. For a complete description of rates and available services, see www.upenn.edu/video/pvp/. We also provide Videoconferencing Services and Facilities, a fully-interactive, “virtual meeting” between groups located at geographically separated points. Call (215) 898-9142 or (215) 573-4006 for more information.

Almanac - December 13, 2011, Volume 58, No. 15