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Volunteer Opportunities

November 8, 2011, Volume 58, No. 11

Dear Penn Community,

Your generosity during the holiday season has made a huge difference in the lives of many members of our community. We look forward to working with you again this year as we strive to make a difference in the lives of our many deserving neighbors.

—Isabel Mapp, Associate Director, Netter Center for Community Partnerships

Holiday Food Drive: Now through November 16

Let's take a bite out of hunger! In the season of Thanks and Giving, please contribute to the Annual Food Drive at the University coordinated by Penn VIPS. We are collecting non-perishable foods (cans and boxed foods) as well as turkeys. Donations will re-stock the pantry at Carroll Park Community Council as well as help many deserving families in the area.

Please take donated items to one of our conveniently located drop sites listed below:

President’s Office

100 College Hall

Brenda Gonzalez

(215) 898-0447

Provost’s Office

353B 3401 Walnut Street

Susan Curran

(215) 898-6841

Museum Reception Desk

Kress Gallery

Bonnie Crossfield

(215) 898-4001

Af-Am Resource Center

3537 Locust Walk

Rob Carter

(215) 898-0104

Human Resources

538A 3401 Walnut Street

Syreeta Gary

(215) 898-6018


120 Claudia Cohen Hall

Stephanie Jones

(215) 898-7867

Van Pelt-Dietrich Library

Human Resources Office

Zakiya Blake

(215) 898-8109

Netter Center

133 S. 36th Street-Rm. 507

Isabel Mapp

(215) 898-2020


265C 3401 Walnut Street

Doris Pate

(215) 573-6803


1000 SH-DH

Jennifer O’Keefe

(215) 898-1092

School of Nursing

202 Claire Fagin Hall

Donna Milici

(215) 573-0747


203A Sansom West

Kathie Ritchie

(215) 573-3561

SAS External Affairs

3615 Market Street, Floor 2

Juliana Walker

(215) 746-8250

Compliance & Privacy

3819 Chestnut Street

Holly Miller

(215) 614-1907


4508 Chestnut Street

Cherry Sturdivant

(215) 573-7202

Research Services

P-221 Franklin Building

Lauren Oshana

(215) 573-6710

Coat Drive November 21 through December 8

Does your gently used winter coat still have some serviceable miles on it? Warm coats in good condition, for both children and adults, are needed by a number of charitable organizations in the Philadelphia area. The Linguistics Department is working with the Penn Volunteers in Public Service, Center for Community Partnerships office in organizing a Winter Coat Drive. If you have a coat (or coats) to contribute to our drive, you are welcome to donate them at any of the locations listed below.


619 Williams Hall

Amy Forsyth

(215) 898-6046


133 South 36th/5th Floor

Isabel Mapp

(215) 898-2020

Museum Reception

Kress Gallery

Bonnie Crossfield

(215) 898-4001

We do not have the facilities or funds to clean donated items. Freshly laundered (or recently cleaned) items are especially appreciated. Bring in your gently used coats to be donated to area shelters. Contact Isabel Mapp at (215) 898-2020 or send an email: sammapp@pobox.upenn.edu or Amy Forsyth at (215) 898-6046 or aforsyth@babel.ling.upenn.edu for additional information and/or to make a donation.

Almanac - November 8, 2011, Volume 58, No. 11