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Translational Biomechanics

October 25, 2011, Volume 58, No. 09

The Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (ITMAT) announced a new Program in Translational Biomechanics (PTB). The PTB will foster interactions between Penn and ITMAT partner faculty, students, and post-doctoral scientists interested in translational mechanobiology and support collaborations leading to new multi-investigator grants. 

I. Educational component

1.  Graduate coursework: The Program is supporting the development of a new graduate-level course, “Extracellular Matrix, Adhesion Receptors and Translational Biomechanics” to be jointly offered in the Cell and Molecular Biology (CAMB) and Bioengineering Graduate Groups (CAMB/BE703). The initial offering is planned for spring 2012. Program faculty will direct and teach, and the Program will also provide financial support for outside lecturers, coordinating with ongoing seminar series as appropriate.

2.  Research Seminar Series: The Program will provide funds for members to sponsor speakers in translational biomechanics in existing seminar series at Penn. Arrangements have already been made to support academic year 2011-2012 speakers in the Institute for Medicine and Engineering (IME), Pharmacology, and Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders. Other programs, centers, and departments with relevant speakers should contact Richard Assoian, assoian@mail.med.upenn.edu

3.  Training Grants: The Program will support existing and developing training grants in translational biomechanics. This could take the form of travel awards or matching funds for short-term extensions of training grant personnel.

II. Research component

1.   Research funding: The Program will provide up to $40,000 of matching funds yearly for research, equipment, or infrastructure promoting the development of multi-investigator grant applications in the target topic of “Stiffness and Disease.” Preference will be given to equipment/infrastructure investments that may benefit Program faculty generally. Applicants must be full-time faculty of the University of Pennsylvania; collaborations with faculty from partner institutions are welcome.

2.   Retreat in Translational Biomechanics: To be held in conjunction with the IME (tentatively planned for spring 2012). More information will soon appear on the ITMAT web pages.

Penn faculty and ITMAT members interested in membership should contact Richard Assoian, assoian@mail.med.upenn.edu

Almanac - October 25, 2011, Volume 58, No. 09