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Award to Recognize Advancing Role of Women in Higher Education Call for Nominations: November 11

October 11, 2011, Volume 58, No. 07

The Office of the Provost and the Trustees Council of Penn Women welcome nominations for their third annual Award of Recognition, awarded for significant contributions by Penn faculty to advancing the role of women in higher education and research at Penn.

Candidates may be male or female, either individuals or groups of collaborators, whose achievements have significantly advanced the role of women in the Penn community.

This year’s selection committee includes last year’s winner, Demie Kurz (SAS); Marjorie Bowman (PSOM); Randall Mason (Design); Phil Nichols (Wharton); and Deborah Thomas (SAS). 

The committee will seek to reward success in advancing the scholarly and professional development of women at Penn. Examples of qualifying achievements include:

•  Developing ways to overcome obstacles to the advancement of women in academia;

•  Increasing the presence of women in fields in which they are historically underrepresented;

•  Facilitating the advancement of women to positions of academic leadership at Penn;

•  Improving the environment for female faculty at Penn;

•  Creating mechanisms for professional development and recognition through the full span of a female faculty member’s career at Penn.

Nominations may be made by deans, department chairs, or center directors, or by individual faculty members with the endorsement of a dean, department chair, or center director. Schools are encouraged to re-nominate candidates from previous years by notifying the Office of the Provost of re-nomination and providing any additional information and letters. Previous nominations will not be reactivated without notice that the nominators would like to do so.

Nomination materials—including a nominee’s current curriculum vitae, a letter of endorsement, and supporting letters of recommendation from Penn colleagues and the wider higher education community, if any—should be submitted to provost-fac@upenn.edu by November 11, 2011. 

Questions about the award can be directed to Lubna Mian in the Office of the Provost at mian@upenn.edu 

Award recipients will be announced in the spring and will receive $5,000 (to be divided among collaborators in the event of multiple recipients).

Almanac - October 11, 2011, Volume 58, No. 07