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University Council September Meeting Agenda

September 20, 2011, Volume 58, No. 03

Wednesday, September 21, 4 p.m.

Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall

Source: Office of the University Secretary

I. Announcement of Appointment of a Moderator. 1 minute

II. Announcement of Appointment of a Parliamentarian. 1 minute

III. Approval of the Minutes of April 27, 2011. 1 minute

IV. Follow-up Comments or Questions on Status Reports. 5 minutes

V. Presentation and Scheduling of Focus Issues for University Council for the Academic Year.  5 minutes

Vi. Presentation of Council Committee Charges. 10 minutes

VII. Announcement of Open Forum Sessions.  5 minutes

VIII. Discussion of the Programs Planned for the 2011-2012 Academic Theme Year: The Year of Games. 15 minutes

IX. New Business. 2 minutes

X. Adjournment by 4:50 p.m.

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Almanac - September 20, 2011, Volume 58, No. 03