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Human Resources: Upcoming Programs

July 12, 2011, Volume 58, No. 01

Professional and Personal Development
Improve your skills and get ahead in your career by taking advantage of the many development opportunities provided by Human Resources. You can register for programs by visiting the online course catalog at www.hr.upenn.edu/coursecatalog or by contacting Learning and Education at (215) 898-3400.

Brown Bag Matinee—The Abilene Paradox; July 13; noon–1 p.m.; free. Have you ever said “yes” to a proposed group decision when you really wanted to say “no”? This video will show you how common—and costly—it is to support group plans that you really don’t believe in. You’ll also learn how to create a work environment where people are free to disagree and encouraged to voice their true opinions.

Effective Meetings; July 25; 2:30–4:30 p.m.; $40. Do you ever leave a meeting and wonder how useful it was? Well-designed meetings allow for creativity, problem-solving and the opportunity to accomplish specific goals. But they aren’t always easy to plan. If you’re looking for ways to make your meetings more effective, we’ll show you how. This webinar will teach you how to prepare useful agendas and communicate effectively during meetings, whether online or in-person. You’ll also learn a variety of online meeting and collaboration tools to make your meetings more efficient and successful.

Career Focus Brown Bag—Adapting to a New Role; July 27; noon–1 p.m.; free. Have you recently taken on a new role at Penn? If so, this workshop is for you. We’ll show you how to make the transition into your new job a successful one. You’ll learn how to start off on the right foot and avoid pitfalls along the way. By the end of this workshop, you’ll know how to tackle the challenges of your new role with confidence and ease.

Discovering Your Strengths and Putting Them to Work; July 27; 11 a.m.–noon; $40.While many of us are aware of our individual strengths, some of us have learned to focus more on our weaknesses instead. Marcus Buckingham—a well-known author whose work helps people identify their strengths—suggests that you can be more effective, successful, and fulfilled at work when you play to your strengths rather than your weaknesses. This webinar is based on Buckingham’s theories and includes exercises to help you learn how to identify your strengths and use them more productively at work.

Total Organization; August 2; 2:30–4 p.m.; $40. Staying organized in the workplace can be challenging, especially when you have an abundance of emails, paper and computer files to manage. So how do you stay on top of your work with so much information overload? Well now you can learn how! This webinar will teach you practical approaches to organizing your work space, all of which are done right at your desk. By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a newly organized desk and computer desktop that are conducive to your specific needs.

Brown Bag Matinee—Give ‘em the Pickle; August 17; noon–1 p.m.; free. High-quality customer service is the key to a productive workplace. But how do you know if your service is up to snuff? Excellent customer service means knowing what your customers want and giving it to them—and this workshop will show you how to do it. You’ll learn how to make others your number one priority and how a positive attitude and teamwork can yield big results.

Career Focus Brown Bag—Negotiation Skills; August 24; noon–1 p.m.; free. Learn the key principles, strategies and tactics of negotiation—a process which many find challenging. We’ll show you a video that tells the story of negotiations between a baseball club owner and the brothers who own a nearby baseball stadium. How they come to terms illustrates the three major steps in negotiations: preparation, bargaining and settlement.

Technical Tips…at Your Fingertips
Improve your technical skills with these online workshops. Human Resources is offering a series of webinars that’ll teach you tips and shortcuts for programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Learn the latest tools and techniques right from your own desktop. You can register for programs by visiting the Human Resources online course catalog at www.hr.upenn.edu/coursecatalog and selecting “webinars” from the Browse by Category menu. Or contact Learning and Education at (215) 898-3400 for more details.

Microsoft SharePoint Services 3.0 Techniques; July 26; noon–2 p.m.; $40. See how Microsoft SharePoint can be used to collaborate with others, reduce the need for email and make meetings more effective. You’ll learn how to use document libraries, calendars, and tasks; create and share websites; and use discussion forums, blogs and wikis to manage information.

Microsoft Office 2007—Tips and Tricks Crash Course; August 2; 12:30–2 p.m.; $40. This webinar will show you powerful shortcuts for Microsoft programs. See how to handle your email in Outlook, build templates in PowerPoint, stylize and format text in Word and create reports in Excel.

Microsoft Excel 2007 Techniques; August 9; 12:30–2 p.m.; $40. Microsoft Excel is chock full of features that can help support your work objectives—and this webinar will show you how to use them. You’ll learn advanced features such as data entry, manipulation and presentation; enabling multiple users to share workbooks and track and edit changes; and creating templates. This webinar is ideal for individuals who are familiar with Excel and want to enhance your current skills and understanding of the application.

Managing and Organizing Your Email Inbox Using Microsoft Outlook; August 11; 12:30–2 p.m.; $40. If you’re looking for ways to manage your email inbox and avoid email overload, this webinar is for you. You’ll learn techniques and shortcuts that will save you time and help you get maximum results from your email. Topics include customizing and setting flags, creating categories to organize your inbox, using tasks and the calendar, organizing and archiving your messages and more.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Techniques; August 11; 2:30–4 p.m.; $40. Enhance your skills and discover the power of Microsoft PowerPoint. This webinar will teach you how to format and manipulate presentations so you’re conveying information in a compelling way. You’ll learn about data presentation, multi-media and self-running presentations, using templates and shortcuts, and more.

Game Plan for Healthy Eating
Having a game plan for healthy eating is one of the best ways to improve and maintain good physical and mental health. This summertime workshop series will give you the knowledge you need to set personalized, specific nutrition goals and create effective strategies to achieve them. You’ll walk away with winning tips to create, implement, and succeed with your own personal nutrition plan. For more information about the workshops and to register, visit the Human Resources website at www.hr.upenn.edu/quality/wellness/workshops.aspx or contact Human Resources at (215) 898-5116 or suzsmith@upenn.edu

Getting and Staying Motivated; July 13; noon–1 p.m.; free. Healthy eating doesn’t come easily to everyone. It’s challenging to make the right food choices every day and avoid the temptation to splurge. But we can help. This workshop will give you easy tips for eating healthy meals all day long. We’ll give you suggestions for staying motivated and steering clear of poor food choices. 

Eating a Nutrient-Rich Diet; July 20; noon–1 p.m.; free. Do you pay attention to the color of your food? Come to this workshop to learn how different-colored fruits and vegetables can boost your diet and help you meet your nutritional needs.

Fat-Free or Not?; July 27; noon–1 p.m.; free. Everyone should have some fat in their diet, but not all fats are created equal. Come learn about the different kinds of fats and which ones you should incorporate in your diet. You’ll also get tips for consuming fewer empty calories.

Almanac - July 12, 2011, Volume 58, No. 01