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New Option for Pay and Reimbursements

May 24, 2011, Volume 57, No. 34

In support of the University’s sustainability initiative, we’re introducing a new option for receiving payments from Penn. You now have a choice to receive your pay and reimbursements through either Direct Deposit or the new ADP TotalPay® Card system (VISA® debit card).

If you’re already enrolled in Direct Deposit, you don’t need to do anything—your pay will continue to be deposited into your account.

But if you currently receive paper paychecks, and you didn’t select a new payment option by April 14, 2011, you were automatically enrolled in the ADP TotalPay® Card system. Note that this only applies if you received a paycheck between October 15, 2010 and April 15, 2011. If you were hired after April 15, and don’t enroll in Direct Deposit, you’ll be enrolled in the TotalPay® Card system in early June.

Direct Deposit is the quick and easy option if you prefer to have your pay deposited into your personal US bank account every payday. You will have immediate access to your funds.

The TotalPay® Card system is new to Penn. We’ve partnered with ADP® to provide this flexible and comprehensive payment solution that includes a Visa®-branded debit card, self-service checks and a personalized online account. Payment is automatically loaded into your TotalPay® Card account every payday, providing immediate access to your funds.  Neither a bank account nor credit approval is required. You can use the TotalPay® Card as a Visa® debit card for purchases, to pay bills online, withdraw money from ATMs, and get cash back after purchases. You can also cash a check for the full amount of your pay, or write checks (provided by ADP®) against your TotalPay® account.

Whether you choose Direct Deposit or the new ADP TotalPay® Card, it’s important to always keep your home address up to date. You can do so through your Business Administrator or on the U@Penn website at www.upenn.edu/u@penn (select My Profile to update your home address).

For more information on these payroll options, please visit Payroll’s website at www.finance.upenn.edu/comptroller/payroll/receiving_your_pay.shtml

—Steve Golding, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer

—Jack Heuer, Vice President for Human Resources

The choice of either Direct Deposit or the TotalPay® Card system provides these advantages:

                  •      Immediate access to funds on payday

                  •      No need to travel to campus to pick up checks

                  •      No standing in line to cash checks

                  •      No check-cashing fees

                  •      No need to carry large sums of money after cashing checks

If you didn’t elect Direct Deposit by April 14:

      You should have received an ADP TotalPay® Card kit. It was sent to your home address in late April. The kit includes a blue Visa®-branded debit card, checks and instructions for activating your card. If you didn’t receive a kit, please contact the Payroll office at payroll@exchange.upenn.edu

      If you haven’t elected Direct Deposit, you’ll continue to receive paper checks until Penn completes the transition to the TotalPay® Card system in late June. After the transition, your pay will be automatically deposited into your TotalPay® Card account each payday. This will start with the June 24 pay if you’re paid weekly and the June 30 pay if you’re paid monthly. As of June 30, travel reimbursements and other payments will also be made based on your choice of Direct Deposit or the TotalPay® Card system.

      You received the TotalPay® Card early so you have plenty of time to activate it and become acclimated to the TotalPay® Card system before you stop receiving paper checks. Please keep it in a safe place.

      You can add your own money to your TotalPay® Card account and begin using it even before Penn begins depositing your pay to it.

      You’ll still be able to switch to Direct Deposit at any time. To enroll, visit www.upenn.edu/u@penn and click on Update Direct Deposit. 

Almanac - May 24, 2011, Volume 57, No. 34