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Game Plan for Healthy Eating

May 24, 2011, Volume 57, No. 34

Having a game plan for healthy eating is one of the best ways to maintain good physical and mental health. This summertime workshop series will give you the knowledge you need to set personalized, specific nutrition goals and create play-by-play strategies to achieve them. You’ll walk away with winning tips to create, implement, and succeed with your own personal nutrition plan. Starting in July, these weekly workshops will help you focus on the following goals:

• Lowering your saturated and trans fat intake

• Eating different-colored fruits and vegetables

• Consuming fewer empty calories

• Staying motivated

For more information about the workshops and to register, visit the HR website at www.hr.upenn.edu/quality/wellness/workshops.aspx or contact Human Resources at (215) 898-5116 or suzsmith@upenn.edu

–Division of Human Resources

Almanac - May 24, 2011, Volume 57, No. 34