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Models of Excellence Program

March 1, 2011, Volume 57, No. 24


On a campus as big as Penn’s, it is impossible to know about all the important things our staff accomplishes from one day to the next. From exemplary leadership to innovative thinking to excellent service, great things happen at Penn all the time and we want you to know about them!

The Models of Excellence Program honors staff member accomplishments that reflect initiative, leadership, collaboration and a deep commitment to service. We’re pleased to announce the 2011 Models of Excellence Award winners who not only embody these standards of excellence, but also serve as role models for others to emulate.

This year’s selection committee of campus leaders chose six nominations to honor. They were selected for making significant contributions to the University that embody the standards of excellence for this program, including creativity, leadership, extraordinary service and cost-effectiveness.

Ceremony and Reception

You are encouraged to join us this month as we celebrate these individuals and their accomplishments. The Models of Excellence Awards Ceremony and Reception will take place on March 31, 2011, from 3:30–5:30 p.m. in the Annenberg Center. If you have questions or would like to attend, contact Human Resources at QOWL@hr.upenn.edu or (215) 898-1012 or visit www.hr.upenn.edu/quality/models

—Division of Human Resources


Models of Excellence Program: Celebrating the Best of the Best at Penn

Models of Excellence Award Winners

• The ARIES (Animal Research Information Electronic Submission) Team

This team increased research productivity by designing an interactive web-based system for managing the use of animals in research. The new system replaced a time-absorbing, complex and paper-intensive process, and freed up valuable research and administration time. Team members include:

Stuart Benoff, Information Systems & Computing

Shea D. Hammond, Information Systems & Computing

Erik Hayes, Information Systems & Computing

Anome Mammes, Information Systems & Computing

Lisa M. Panchella, Office of Regulatory Affairs

Deyanira Santiago, Office of Regulatory Affairs

• Eric Baratta, School of Arts and Sciences

This “one-man band” supports faculty and students in all aspects of Theater Arts’ academic activities, including event management, technical direction, development of promotional materials, cost management, and oversight of all productions.


• Antonio (Tony) Michael Cosby, Business Services

A Penn Dining staff member for 40 years, Mr. Cosby has been a leading role model and mentor for the “Start on Success” training program for disadvantaged youth, run by the Netter Center for Community Partnerships. He coached over 25 students to successful adulthood—a task that would have been beyond their reach and imagination without his close and long-term support and involvement in their lives.


• Ty A. Furman, University Life

As Director of the University Life Arts Initiatives, Mr. Furman significantly enriched the arts at Penn and in Philadelphia. He expanded artistic opportunities for our students and strengthened the arts community in and outside the University by fostering positive relationships and alliances with art communities throughout Philadelphia.

Honorable Mention

• International Conference on Women’s Health Issues Team

This team used technology and social media to gather women’s health advocates together and bring worldwide attention to the prestigious International Conference on Women’s Health Issues. Their work brought a sense of vibrancy, immediacy and engagement to the conference and broadened the community of committed activists on behalf of women’s health issues. Team members include:

Caroline Gloria Glickman, School of Nursing

Joy McIntyre, School of Nursing

Janet Tomcavage, School of Nursing

Christopher Cook, Information Systems & Computing

Gates H. Rhodes, Information Systems & Computing

Cathy Greenland, School of Nursing Development & Alumni Relations

Wylie Thomas, School of Nursing Development & Alumni Relations

  • Vets Summer Program Team

This team, in the face of severe budget conditions, pioneered an exciting summer program for future veterinary students. They developed a self-funded program of lectures, labs, panel presentations, and rotations in the Ryan Veterinary Hospital that ultimately enhanced the pool of future students at the School of Veterinary Medicine. Team members include:

Rob DiMeo, School of Veterinary Medicine

Rosanne R. Herpen, School of Veterinary Medicine

Model Supervisor

The three finalists for the Model Supervisor Award will be announced in a later issue, and the Model Supervisor Award winner will be announced live at the Models of Excellence Awards Ceremony by President Amy Gutmann. The Model Supervisor Award began in 2007.


Staff members identified as Models of Exellence and the Model Supervisor receive a cash prize of $500 each and a symbolic award. Staff members accorded Models Honorable Mention and recognized as Model Supervisor Finalists receive a cash prize of $250 each and a symbolic award. Commitment to Excellence awards are given at the discretion of the nominator.

2011 Selection Committee

John F. Horn, Comptroller, Finance
Dr. Denis F. Kinane, Dean of Dental Medicine
Sam B. Starks, Executive Director, Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs
Dr. Robert C. Hornik, Chair, Faculty Senate and Wilbur Schramm Professor of Communication, Annenberg School for Communication
Sharon Leslie Connelly, Member-at-Large, Weekly-Paid Professional Staff Assembly
Gina Marziani, Member-at-Large, Penn Professional Staff Assembly
Robert F. Anderson, Former Models Winner
Sharon Moorer Aylor, Former Models Winner
Mariette J. Buchman, Former Models Winner
Christopher Cook, Former Models Winner
Penny Creedon, Former Models Winner
Albert Johnson, Former Models Winner
Carol Pooser, Former Models Winner
Pamela A. Robinson, Former Models Winner
Joann Weeks, Former Models Winner

Almanac - March 1, 2011, Volume 57, No. 24