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Thanks to All Who Helped the Community

February 15, 2011, Volume 57, No. 22

Dear Penn Community,

There are no words to adequately describe your generosity during the holiday season. Many benefitted from your willingness to give. Here are examples of the various efforts:

• Thank you to President Gutmann for hosting her Annual Holiday Party where over 300 toys and gifts were donated. These toys, along with many others, were donated to Councilwoman Blackwell’s Annual Holiday Party for the Homeless.

• Thank you to the following departments that brought joy to families during the holidays by “adopting” them:

-Center for Bioethics coordinated by Robin Hartley

-Center for Excellence in Environmental Toxicology coordinated by Mary E. Webster

-Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing coordinated by Valerie Ross

-Central Corporate and Foundation Relations coordinated by Don Bone

-Central Research coordinated by Olivia Pridey-Patton

-CHOP Division of Oncology coordinated by Greta Bunin

-College Housing and Academic Services coordinated by Pamela Robinson

-Department of Medicine CVI coordinated by Patricia Mericko

-Development and Alumni Relations coordinated by Patricia Speakman

-Development and Alumni Relations Records Office coordinated by Sherry Jamison

-Division of Medical Genetics coordinated by Barbara Bernhardt

-General Counsel coordinated by Paula Ruckenstein

-Graduate School of Education Admissions coordinated by Emily Schrag

-Housing Services coordinated by Katrina Terrell

-Lauren Robinson and family coordinated by Lauren Robinson

-Office of Gift Planning coordinated by Lorleen A. Maxwell

-Office of Government & Community Affairs coordinated by Linda Satchell

-Office of the Treasurer coordinated by Margaret Heer

-Office of the Vice President for Finance coordinated by Karen Hamilton

-Perelman Quad/WLRC/Bon Appétit coordinated by Kristine Werez-Patterson

-Publication Services coordinated by Aiasha Graham

-Radiology Department Ultrasound Section coordinated by Bernadette Chester

-Research Services coordinated by Lauren Oshana

-School of Arts & Sciences External Affairs coordinated by Juliana Walker

-School of Engineering and Applied Sciences coordinated by Chambrel Jones

-School of Medicine Gene Therapy Program coordinated by Kelly Reynolds

-Student Financial Services coordinated by Michelle Brown-Nevers & Yvonne Giorgio

-Student Health coordinated by Sharon McMullen

-University Communications coordinated by Teresa Lajara

-Weekly-Paid Professional Staff Assembly coordinated by Linda Satchell

-Wharton School Business & Public Policy Department coordinated by Beth Moskat

-Wharton School Dean’s Office coordinated by Jennifer O’Keefe

-Wharton School Executive Education coordinated by Katrina Clark

-Wharton School Leadership Program coordinated by Tess Weinisch

• Special thanks to the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology and the Penn Cardiovascular Institute coordinated by Carolyn Henry for the donation of gift cards which helped to provide groceries for deserving families during the holidays.

• Thanks to Helen Logan and the Office of General Counsel for providing additional gifts to ensure that all the families referred to us were adopted.

• Thank you to Amy Forsyth for coordinating the Annual Coat Drive.

• Special thanks to Human Resources for their new Coat Drive coordinated by Monee Pressley.  Most of their donation benefitted the Duckery Head Start Program.

• Special thanks to Business Services for their “Keep Warm Drive” donation of new hats, scarves and gloves coordinated by Donna Petrelli.

• Special thanks to the Center for Bioethics for their additional donations for our deserving families in the Adopt-A-Family Program.

• Thank you to the entire University community for donating over 700 gifts and toys.

• Thank you to the Dropsite Volunteers who collected all the toys and made it possible for us to respond to requests for donations from our neighbors listed below:

-Councilwoman Blackwell’s Annual Holiday Party for the Homeless

-The Potter’s House Mission

-The Salvation Army

-Women of Peace

-McMichael School

-Parents Against Drugs

-People’s Emergency Shelter

-New Faith Non-Denominational House of Prayer

-Church of New Hope and Faith

Please e-mail me at sammapp@pobox.upenn.edu if you have any excess office supplies, furniture or equipment suitable for donations to local nonprofits in the area.

• Thank you again for your generosity and support of the 90 families involved in the fire at 48th and Walnut Street in West Philadelphia. Members of the University community donated over six truckloads of very needed articles.

Upcoming March Event: March 1–18: Change Drive to benefit a deserving nonprofit agency with a donation of non-secured funds.

Isabel Mapp, Associate Director, Netter Center for Community Partnerships
Office of Government and Community Affairs


Almanac - February 15, 2011, Volume 57, No. 22