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Harvard and MIT in BorrowDirect

February 8, 2011, Volume 57, No. 21

The Penn Libraries are pleased to announce the expansion of BorrowDirect, the Libraries’ popular resource sharing network, to include the Harvard Library and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Libraries as full partners. They join BorrowDirect founders Penn, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton, and Yale in the partnership and expect to be integrated into the service matrix by mid 2011.

BorrowDirect is an expedited delivery system for books between the participating libraries. The service allows sharing of a collection of nearly 50 million items through the federation of online catalogs. Faculty, students, and staff of BorrowDirect institutions request circulating materials directly from the library where they are held, without the need for library staff to intervene in the process. The materials are then delivered to the borrowing patron’s library via commercial courier services within three to five business days.

BorrowDirect has exchanged approximately one million items across the partnership since it was initiated in 1999. Together, Harvard and MIT add nearly 20 million monographs to the shared collections, including rich specialized collections in a host of subjects.

For further information about BorrowDirect, contact Bob Krall, director, Departmental Libraries, Resource Sharing & Delivery Services, krallrw@pobox.upenn.edu, (215) 573-3626 or Peter Collins, IT project leader, pcoll@pobox.upenn.edu, (215) 746-4156, who oversee operations for the BorrowDirect partnership.


Almanac - February 8, 2011, Volume 57, No. 21