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2011 Urology Summer Research Program Applications: April 1

January 25, 2011, Volume 57, No. 19

The NIH/NIDDK funded George M. O’Brien Urology Center in the department of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania calls for applications from medical, post-baccalaureate and undergraduate students to participate in the Urology Summer Research Program during the summer 2011. The Program is designed to introduce the students to the field of urology research and acquire basic science and translational research experience in the laboratory of an expert investigator. The selected students will work with a faculty mentor during the scholarship period (8 weeks) on a short research project. A detailed report and an oral presentation are mandatory at the end of the training.

Each student will receive a stipend (a maximum of $5,000, to be determined based on relevant experience) plus $1,000 for research supplies from the Urology Summer Research Program fund.

An applicant should submit the following documents:

• Resume

• Transcript

• Research Interests and description of how this research program would help in the accomplishment of reaching his/her future academic goals

• Two recommendation letters directly from his/her professors or scientific supervisors

Interested candidates should check the Urology Research Program web site: www.uphs.upenn.edu/surgery/Labs/Chacko/George_OBrien.htmland send his/her credentials electronically to Jocelyn McCabe, BS, Urology Research Laboratory Coordinator via e-mail: jocelyn.mccabe@uphs.upenn.edu. All application materials must be received by April 1, 2011. Students accepted into the program must be eligible to work in the United States. While prior research experience is typical of accepted students, it is not required for acceptance.

This program is open to students from the University of Pennsylvania as well as outside of the University, and the curriculum is designed specifically for students with an interest in biomedical research. Applications from women and members of underrepresented minorities are strongly encouraged.


Almanac - January 25, 2011, Volume 57, No. 19