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Did You Know?

January 25, 2011, Volume 57, No. 19

DId You Know?

Did You Know” is a monthly series that includes valuable tips to help you get the most out of the benefits and services offered by the Division of Human Resources.

Will You Need a Prescription for Aspirin in 2011?

If you’ve been using the Health Care Pre-Tax Expense Account to pay for over-the-counter allergy relievers, heartburn blockers and other drugstore remedies, you just might. As part of the new healthcare reform legislation, you now need a prescription to be reimbursed for over-the-counter medications.

A notable exception to this new rule is insulin, which will still be reimbursable even if purchased without a prescription. In addition, the rule does not apply to non-drug health supplies such as crutches, bandages or blood sugar test kits.

This change is effective for over-the-counter medicines purchased on or after January 1, 2011. For more information, please contact the Penn Benefits Center at 1-888-PENNBEN (1-888-736-6236).

—Division of Human Resources


Almanac - January 25, 2011, Volume 57, No. 19