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2011 Summer Camps and Programs at Penn
January 25, 2011, Volume 57, No. 19

Penn offers children and teens an array of summer activities from academics, enrichment and recreation—including anthropology and music—to athletic sports camps. For more information and applications see the specific contact information below or visit http://summeratpenn.upenn.edu.

  • Leadership in the Business World
  • Management & Technology Summer Institute
  • Wharton Sports Business Summer Academy
  • International Leadership Summer Program at Penn With Model United Nations
  • Summer Art and Architecture at Penn
  • Penn Summer Biomedical Research Academy
  • Penn Summer Experimental Physics Research Academy
  • Penn Summer English Language Academy
  • Penn Summer Pre-College Program
  • Penn Summer Young Scholars Program
  • Penn Nursing Summer Institute
  • PennGEMS program (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science)
  • Boot UP Camp
  • Summer Academy in Applied Science and Technology
  • VETS (Veterinary Exploration Through Science)
  • TREES Summer Program

  • Enrichment and Recreation
  • Anthropologists in the Making
  • Culinary Institute @ Penn: Healthy Cooking, Nutrition and Sustainability
  • Morris Arboretum’s Summer Adventure Camp
  • Penn Band Summer Music Camp
  • Athletic Sports Camps
  • Nike Track and Field
  • Penn Elite Field Hockey Camp
  • Summer Classic Baseball Camp
  • Youth Quaker Baseball Camp
  • Quaker Rowing Camp
  • Penn Gymnastics Camp
  • Junior Fencing Camp
  • Penn Soccer Academy
  • Al Bagnoli All-Star Football Camp
  • Penn Tennis Camp
  • Penn Lacrosse Summer Camp
  • Summer Junior Tennis Camp
  • Academics

    Leadership in the Business World:LBW is a summer institute for talented and ambitious rising seniors in high school who want to learn about leadership in business. The program, July 3–30, features classes with Wharton pro­fessors, lectures from prominent business lead­ers, site visits to businesses in Philadelphia and New York and activities designed to give stu­dents opportunities to learn about leadership in 21st century business organizations. Cost: $5,575, includes tuition, hous­ing and meals; financial aid is available. Deadline: March 1. Spon­sored by the Wharton School. Visit www.wharton.upenn.edu/academics/lbw.cfm

    Management & Technology Summer Institute: M&TSI is a 3–week for-credit program, July 10–30, for rising high school seniors who want to learn how to bring together tech­nological concepts and management principles. The Institute features classes taught by leading Wharton and Engineering faculty and success­ful entrepreneurs, as well as laboratory experi­ence, field trips to companies and research and development facilities, intensive team projects and other activities designed to help students learn the principles and practice of technologi­cal innovation. Cost: $5,575, in­cludes tuition, housing, meals and weekend ex­cursions. Deadline: March 15. Sponsored jointly by The Jerome Fish­er Program in?Management and Technology, the School of Engineering and Applied?Science and the Wharton School. Apply online at www.upenn.edu/fisher/summer/index.html

    Wharton Sports Business Academy: July 3–30. This residential summer institute provides an opportunity for talented rising high school juniors and seniors to study sports business leadership at the Wharton School. This program will teach students about ownership, sports agents and celebrity endorsements as they meet and learn from leaders in the sports business world. Cost: $5,800. Apply at http://wsb.wharton.upenn.edu by March 1.

    International Leadership Summer Program at Penn With Model United Nations: Living and working with students, ages 15-18, from around the world, participants will gain a unique perspective on international affairs and how to achieve solutions through diplomacy. Dates: June 26–July 23; Cost: $5,675; Apply: www.jkcp.com/modelun

    art Summer Art and Architecture at Penn The School of Design’s Penn Summer Art & Architecture Studios offer opportunities for students, ages 15-18, who will be high school juniors or seniors in the fall of 2011. This is a rigorous, non–credit program consisting of intensive study and development of work in either architecture or fine arts with concentrations in animation, drawing, painting, sculpture, filmmaking and photography. Additional classes are available in graphic design, life drawing, ceramics and wheel throwing, web design, digital photography, print–making and book arts and video projects. The program runs July 5–30, with classes from 9 a.m.–4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Cost: $3,150/commuters and $5,475/residents. Visit the academic website: www.aasapenn.org for questions about the program content and the Julian Krinsky Group website: www.jkcp.com/artsatpenn for applications, fees, activities, etc. 
    Penn Summer Biomedical Research Academy: This 4-week, non–credit academy is an opportunity to examine topics in biological sciences beyond the high school level. Taught by members of Penn’s department of biology and regional biology teachers, the goal of this program is to introduce students to the experimental basis of biology, including relevance to disease. Open to rising 10th, 11th and 12th grade residential and commuting students. Program dates: July 4–30. Deadline: May 1. For additional details and to apply, see www.sas.upenn.edu/summer/programs/highschool

    Penn Summer Experimental Physics Research Academy: Taught by members of Penn’s department of physics and astronomy and regional physics teachers, this program combines in-depth lectures and discussions on mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum dynamics and astrophysics with hands-on experiments to measure the speed of light. Program includes a field trip to an amusement park to study the physics of rides using electronic data-logging devices. Open to rising 10th, 11th and 12th grade residential and commuting students. Program dates: July 4–30. Deadline: May 1. For additional details and to apply, see www.sas.upenn.edu/summer/programs/highschool

    Penn Summer English Language Academy: This 4-week, non–credit academy was created for international high school students who are motivated to improve their English language and academic skills. All classes are small and taught by expert instructors. Students are tested to determine intermediate or advanced placement. Open to rising 10th, 11th and 12th grade residential students. Program dates: July 4–30. Deadline: May 1. For additional details and to apply, see www.sas.upenn.edu/summer/programs/highschool

    Penn Summer Pre-College Program: This 6-week, academic program is designed for students who are interested in a college experience typical of an undergraduate freshman.  Participants enroll in one or two undergraduate courses for academic credit and are fully integrated with undergraduate students. Academic advising, extra-curricular activities and weekend trips are included. Open to rising 11th and 12 grade residential students. Program dates: July 4–August 13. Deadline: May 1. For additional details and to apply, see www.sas.upenn.edu/summer/programs/highschool

    Penn Summer Young Scholars Program: This program is designed for local students who are interested in a college experience typical of an undergraduate freshman.  Participants enroll in one or two undergraduate courses for academic credit and are fully integrated with undergraduate students. Courses offered may include anthropology, economics, English, math, philosophy, linguistics and psychology.  Academic advising is provided. Open to rising 11th and 12th grade commuting students. Program dates: May 23–July 1 (session I) and July 5–August 12 (session II.) Program also runs throughout the academic year for interested students. Deadline: May 1. For additional details and to apply, see www.sas.upenn.edu/lps/highschool/scholars

    Penn Nursing Summer Institute: The School of Nursing offers a 4-week program for rising high school juniors and seniors that features cutting-edge research, the latest advances in virtual learning and clinical experience in Philadelphia’s top hospitals. Working with Penn faculty and classmates from around the world, students will enjoy an innovative classroom curriculum that covers health care topics such as current epidemics, genetics, bioethics and emergency nursing. Dates: June 26–July 23. Cost: $6,175. For more information visit www.jkcp.com/pennnursing.

    PennGEMS program (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science): The School of Engineering and Applied Science is once again offering the PennGEMS program. PennGEMS is a week–long day camp targeted at girls finishing 6th, 7th and 8th grade who are interested in math, science and engineering. Students will spend August 1–5 working with faculty and students in bioengineering, materials science, graphics and computing. Applications will open in the beginning of February and are due in early April. Camp is $600 per student, financial assistance is available. More information and registration can be found at www.seas.upenn.edu/awe/gems or by contacting Michele Grab, director of Advancing Women in Engineering Program, mgrab@seas.upenn.edu

    Boot UP! Camp consists of two 1–week day programs for high school students who excel in math and have an interest in computers. Students will spend time working on a variety of technologies, creating their own games and animations, working with multi–media textiles and programming in Java. The program is free for admitted applicants and students may choose one of two sessions: session I will run June 20–24 and session II June 27–July 1. Applications will be available in February and due in March. The program is open to both girls and boys with priority for students traditionally underrepresented in computer science. Information and registration details can be found at www.seas.upenn.edu/awe/bpc-grant.php or by contacting Michele Grab, director of Advancing Women in Engineering Program, mgrab@seas.upenn.edu

    Summer Academy in Applied Science and Technology: July 10–29. SAAST offers an opportunity for high school students to experience rigorous and challenging college-level coursework. The 3-week programs combine sophisticated theory with hands-on practical experience in cutting-edge technologies. Five programs are offered in the Academy: biotechnology, computer graphics, computer programming, nanotechnology and robotics. Cost: $6,100, includes tuition, room, board and all scheduled activities. The priority deadline is March 24 (applications accepted on a rolling basis thereafter, space as available). Registration will be available at www.seas.upenn.edu/saast. Sponsored by SEAS.

    VETS (Veterinary Exploration Through Science): VETS is a day camp offered by Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine for college/post bac and high school students (juniors and seniors). The program will engage students as they rotate through clinics with the 4th year veterinary students at the Matthew J. Ryan Small Animal Hospital. Day camps are offered for college/post bac: May 23–27, June 6–10, July 11–15; high school juniors/seniors: July 18–22, August 1–5. Cost: $975. Deadline: April 1. For information, visit: www.vet.upenn.edu/EducationalTraining/StudentAdmissions/VETSSummerCamp/tabid/1506/Default.aspx

    TREES Summer Program

    The Teen Research and Education in Environmental Science (TREES) Summer Program: TREES is a community outreach education program hosted by the Center for Excellence in Environmental Toxicology which offers seven students from local high schools a unique, hands-on research experience; this includes lectures in environmental science, field trips and more.

    All students develop their own research project mentored by faculty and graduate students.

    The tuition-free program lasts for five weeks, June 27-July 29, 2011. The deadline to apply is April 1 (early decision March 1).

    For more information or to apply: www.med.upenn.edu/ceet/summerprograms.shtml

    Enrichment and Recreation

    Anthropologists in the Making:

    June 20–August 12. Adventurous children ages 7 through 13 can participate in this day camp at Penn Museum, the area’s only summer camp devoted to archaeology and anthropology. Through interactive gallery tours, art activities, games and special guest performances, campers discover the diversity of humankind, past and present. Each week highlights a different theme, offering campers the opportunity to enjoy one week or all eight. Call for fees and availability. This year’s themes are:

    June 20–24: Create Your Own Culture

    June 27–July 1: Not So Modern Marvels

    July 5–8: Vicious Villains and Super Heroes

    July 11–15:  Diggin’ Philly

    July 18–22:  Powerful Prose

    July 25–29:  Egypt Conquered

    August 1–5:  Lost Civilizations

    August 8–12: Forces of Nature

    Camp hours: 9 a.m.–3 p.m., with optional pre-camp (8–9 a.m.) and post–camp (3–5 p.m.) care. For more information or to request a brochure, call (215) 898-4016, e-mail summercamp@pennmuseum.org, or visit www.penn.museum/camp.html

    Culinary Institute @ Penn: Healthy Cooking, Nutrition and Sustainability:  July 4– 23. Utilizing instruction by the professional chefs from Bon Appétit at Penn, this hands-on program for students completing grades 9–11, emphasizes the total culinary experience including preparation, low impact farming, restaurant management and cooking at a fully equipped professional kitchen at Penn. Cost: $4,999. Apply: www.summerdiscovery.com/summer-discovery/culinary-institute

    Morris Arboretum’s Summer Adventure Camp will be 9 a.m.–3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, June 27–July 1. Registration begins February 23. Go to www.morrisarboretum.org for a registration form. Campers must register for the full week. Camp is appropriate for children ages 6 to 8 as of June 1, 2011. Each day will feature interpretive walks, crafts, stories and games. Campers should bring their own lunch and water bottle. A morning snack will be provided. Arboretum members: $260, Non-members: $285. Cost includes all activities and a camp t-shirt.

    Penn Band Summer Music Camp: July 24–30. This camp for those in grades 9–12, includes fun activities, lectures, leadership and group building exercises and a diverse repertoire of band music. Audition not required, but evaluation form (completed by music director or private instructor) must be submitted. Fee: $825 (overnight) or $395 (commuter). Children of Penn faculty/staff are eligible for 10% discount. Sponsored by the Penn Band, Penn Athletics and Destination Penn. Deadline: June 30. Register: www.pennband.net/pebc/ or call (215) 898-8719.


    NIKE Track and Field: July 10–14. Train at Franklin Field under the direction of Penn Women’s Cross Country and Track Head Coach, Gwen Harris. High school athletes learn technique, strategies and skills they need to become champions. Camp emphasizes fundamentals of running, jumping and throwing and teaches young athletes the skills necessary to excel at their chosen events. The coaching staff provides individual and small group instruction that helps campers of all ability levels become faster, smarter and improved runners. Co-ed, ages 12–18. Residents $765, extended day $665 and day $510. E-mail Running@ussportscamps.com or call 1-800-NIKE-CAMP. All campers receive a NIKE Running Camp t-shirt, a pair of NIKE running shoes and a NIKE Running Camp certificate. Visit www.ussportscamps.com for details.

    Penn Elite Field Hockey Camp: June 19–22; $500/overnight, $400/day. The Penn Elite Field Hockey Camp is designed for players entering grades 10 through pre-college and preferably have varsity high school experience. All play is held on the artificial turf surface on historic Franklin Field. Their experienced staff is made up of coaches with college and international experience. For camp brochure call (215) 898-9058.

    Penn Baseball Summer Classic Baseball Camp: June 10–12; The camp will be teaching-oriented, but will also be used as an avenue for the player, ages 14-18, to compete at the next level. Each player will receive feedback from their coach at the conclusion of the camp. Overnight: $535; Day campers: $395. Register: www.pennbaseballcamp.com

    Youth Quaker Baseball Camp: In session July 25–28 at Penn’s Meikeljohn Stadium. This camp will focus on teaching all aspects of the game. They will provide an organized and structured camp that focuses on preparing the young player (ages 7–13) for his next level and refining his game. Competitive and challenging drills will be performed every day that reinforce the total development of the young player. All these drills and skills will be performed in a fun and safe environment. The camp will also have team competitions in the afternoon. Cost: $260. Register: www.pennbaseballcamp.com

    Quaker Rowing Camp: July 11–16, July 18–23, July 25–30; $1,100/overnight, $675/day; 8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. The Quaker Rowing Camp is designed for both the experienced and novice high school rower (ages 13–18) looking to significantly improve their rowing ability. Instruction and coaching will be geared to the experience level and talents of each camper. The camp includes two daily practices on the water as well as active seminars on erg training and body circuits. The staff will also lead discussions on the college admissions process and life as a student-athlete. Register: www.quakerrowingcamp.com

    Penn Gymnastics Camp: for boys and girls ages 5–12. Held in Hutchinson Gymnasium (Gymnastics Gym). Usually begins second or third week of June and runs through the second week of August. Camp is 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Cost: $325/week. Contact: John Ceralde (215) 746-5708 or Corrine Tarver (215) 898-5316.Visit: http://www.pennathletics.com//pdf8/757648.pdf Registration information will be available at www.pennathletics.com

    fencing Junior Fencing Camp: July 17–22 and July 24–29; $950 per week/if received by June 20, $1,050/if received between June 21 and July 8. Each camper, ages 14–18, will acquire a better understanding of practice techniques, fundamental actions, bout structure, strategy, tactics and conditioning. The material of the camp program should enable the camper to be more effective in training and competing during the following season. Individual lessons are geared toward each fencer’s particular needs. Register: www.fencingcampatpenn.com

    Penn Soccer Academy: Day Camps: Session 1: June 13–17; Session 2: June 27–July 1; Session 3: July 18–22; $300. This day camp program is designed to benefit both male and female players ages of 613. It offers players of various skill levels the opportunity to improve their soccer skills while increasing their love of the game. Focus will be on development of individual skills taught through fun exercises, daily competitions and small games. Day campers also get time to swim. Info.: www.pennsocceracademy.com
    Advanced Academy: July 5–8; $565/resident, $400/commuter. Ages 9–13 girls only (teams and individuals accepted.) This intense week of training and small sided games focuses on skill development and decision making in a small group environment. Sessions will build quickly from technical repetition and skill development to dynamic games and exercises that will require decision making and execution of skills in match situations.

    College Prep Academy:Session 1: July 10–13; Session 2: July 14–17; $565/resident, $400/commuter; ages 14–18, girls only (teams and individuals accepted.) This week of camp will resemble a college pre-season experience. The focus of this camp will be to constantly place the campers in competitive situations to challenge their skill development and evaluate their tactical decision-making. 

    High School Girl Team Only Camp: July 25–28; $525 per player. This camp will help prepare your team for the season. The curriculum will include daily fitness and technical training. They will incorporate tactical development in the afternoon sessions. The evening games will be structured in a leaguetype format to enhance competitive play and will include team development activities as well as leadership seminars.

    Al Bagnoli All–Star Football Camp: July 17–20 (overnight camp); $440. The objective of this camp is to introduce, develop and reinforce the fundamentals of football for both interior and perimeter plays. This camp is open to any player entering grades 9–12 in the fall of 2011. For more information see www.pennathletics.com or e-mail football@pobox.upenn.edu.

    Penn Tennis Camp will be held for three weeks tentatively scheduled August 8–12, August 15–19 and August 22-26. Each of the one-week sessions will focus on stroke production and technical skills, while incorporating sportsmanship and teamwork. Cost per week: $340/one week, $340/two weeks and free after care, $300/three weeks. Register: www.PennTennisCamp.com/camp_info. E–mail: info@penntenniscamp.com (215) 315-3130.

    lax Penn Lacrosse Summer Camp: Elite Camp (girls in grades 9–pre-college) July 5–7; Quaker Camp (girls in grades 7–8) July 5–7; $500/overnight, $400/day. Held at the Hill School in Pottstown, PA. Register online at www.pennathletics.com. Info.: (215) 898-9042.  

    Summer Junior Tennis Camp


    The Summer Junior Tennis Camp is for junior players, at all experience levels, ages 6 to 16. Each of the nine one-week sessions is individually programmed. In the course of each one-week session, children will improve their tennis skills, and learn teamwork and good sportsmanship, while staying in shape and having fun. Sessions: Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with extended hours available.

    June 13–June 17

    June 20–June 24

    June 27–July 1

    July 5–July 8 (prorated)

    July 11–July 15

    July 18–July 22

    July 25–July 29

    August 1–August 5

    The fee is $300 per one-week session, which includes a daily cafeteria lunch. A family discount is available for two or more children that attend the same week. There is an extended hours fee of $10 per day (from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.).

    To register, see www.penntenniscamp.com before May 1. For more information call Hal Mackin at (215) 898-4741.


    Almanac - January 25, 2011, Volume 57, No. 19