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Consultative Review Committee on the Reappointment of Joan Hendricks as Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine

January 18, 2011, Volume 57, No. 18

President Amy Gutmann and Provost Vincent Price have announced the formation of a Consultative Review Committee to advise them on the reappointment of Joan Hendricks as Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine. Dean Hendricks’ initial term as Dean will end on December 31, 2012.  University policy requires that a Consultative Review Committee be established to advise the President and Provost whenever the reappointment of a Dean is contemplated. In addition, each member of the standing faculty of the Dean’s School is given the opportunity to give confidential advice and views directly to the President and Provost.

The members of the Consultative Review Committee are:


Denis F. Kinane, Morton Amsterdam Dean and Professor of Pathology and of Periodontics (SDM)


Roselyn J. Eisenberg, SVM

Serge Y. Fuchs, SVM

Lesley G. King, SVM

Erle S. Robertson, SOM

Raymond W. Sweeney, SVM

Robert H. Vonderheide, SOM

Beth A. Winkelstein, SEAS


Lillian Haywood, SVM, Class of 2013

James Humenick, SVM, Class of 2013

Alumni Representative

Steven W. Atwood, V’80, Member of the SVM Board of Overseers

Staff to the Committee

Stephen P. Steinberg, Advisor to the President, Office of the President

Adam P. Michaels, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the President

The Review Committee welcomes and encourages input from all members of the Penn community. Communications may be directed to any member of the Committee, but are most conveniently forwarded to Dr. Steinberg (sps@upenn.edu) or Mr. Michaels (adampm@upenn.edu), who are supporting the review process. Comments should be submitted no later than February 25, 2011.


Almanac - January 18, 2011, Volume 57, No. 18