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2011 Tax Treaty Applications

January 11, 2011, Volume 57, No. 17

Treaty exemptions are granted on a calendar year basis and must be renewed each January. All monthly paid individuals who believe they are entitled to an exemption from Federal taxes must report to the Payroll Tax Office. These individuals must bring proper ID to confirm their eligibility and sign the appropriate documents for the 2011 tax year. They should also bring their most current immigration document. We are unable to provide treaty benefits to weekly paid individuals.

In order to meet the deadline for the January payroll, employees must visit the Payroll Tax Office by January 20, 2011. If they do not meet the deadline they may still apply for the exemption, however the treaty benefits will not take effect until February. Payroll will not refund the Federal Withholding Tax for individuals  who missed the January deadline. The individual can claim the exemption when filing their 2011 tax return.

Call the Payroll Tax Department at (215) 898-6573 or 898-1543 with any questions.

—Kathleen Hewitt, Payroll Tax & IDS Manager

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Almanac - January 11, 2011, Volume 57, No. 17