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Professional Development Workshops

November 9, 2010, Volume 57, No. 11

The Penn Genome Frontiers Institute (PGFI) is a university-wide institute dedicated to the advancement of the multidisciplinary genome research being conducted at Penn. As part of its mission, PGFI has a strong commitment to genomics education at all levels and offers free hands-on workshops aimed at Penn faculty, postdocs and graduate students who are interested in molecular biology and genomics, but do not have the opportunity to learn or use basic wet laboratory techniques as part of their primary research. The workshop will be taught at a basic level, with no previous laboratory experience required or expected.

Advanced workshops are for Penn faculty with laboratory experience who would like to learn more about cutting edge genomic techniques.
Faculty, postdocs and graduate students from any school at Penn are encouraged to apply.

Upcoming Workshops:

• Basic workshop for postdocs & grad students: December 10 through December 17, 2010

• Basic workshop for faculty: January 3 through January 7, 2011

• Basic workshop for postdocs & grad students: February 4 through February 11, 2011

• Advanced workshop for faculty: Library Construction for High-Throughput Sequencing: March 4 through March 11, 2011.

All workshops: Monday–Friday, noon–4 p.m. daily and are in the PGFI Educational Facility, 328 Lynch Labs. For more information and online application go to the PGFI Educational Facility page at www.genomics.upenn.edu/education/educational-facility-upcoming_workshops.

Questions can be directed to Adam Peritz at ef@genomics.upenn.edu or (215) 898-6107.


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Almanac - November 9, 2010, Volume 57, No. 11