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Supporting Penn's Global Engagement

November 9, 2010, Volume 57, No. 11

Global engagement—a key principle of the Penn Compact—has been a vital factor in propelling Penn from excellence to eminence over the past six years. We create a Global Campus by welcoming students, faculty, staff, alumni and distinguished visitors from every corner of the world. We provide Global Opportunities by offering a wide range of support for international student and faculty research and we also advance Global Progress by providing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing contemporary challenges, from global health to economic development to urban renewal. 

Two years ago, we charged an International Support Coordinating Group with evaluating and implementing the best ways to support the global activities of Penn’s faculty, staff and students. This group’s work has resulted in three important new resources:

Global Resources Tab

The new Global Resources tab on the U@Penn portal offers easy, centralized access to global resources across Penn, as well as two significant new services: the Playbook for Global Engagement and the Global Activities Registry.  

Playbook for Global Engagement

The Playbook provides faculty, staff and students with a road map of important considerations, preparations and resources for international travel.  It includes direct links to critical resources—both internal and external—and covers such issues as:

Global Safety, including International SOS, vaccines, and region-specific orientations;

Global Travel Arrangements, including travel discounts through preferred partners, visas, and international calling and computing; 

Global Research Activities, including compliance and export controls; labor, tax, and privacy laws; risk management; banking; and the use of the Penn name.

Global Activities Registry

The Global Resources tab also provides a link to the Global Activities Registry (Almanac September 7, 2010), designed to maximize collaborations and shared information about the wide range of global activities across Penn. It offers an easy-to-use, PennKey-protected web tool for faculty, staff and students traveling abroad to register their programs and activities, as well as the itineraries and emergency contact information of individual travelers.

We encourage you to use the Global Resources Tab, review the Playbook for Global Engagement, and register your international travel in the Global Activities Registry. These services have been designed to help all of us—faculty, staff and students—advance our vital ongoing commitment to global engagement at Penn.

—Craig Carnaroli, Executive Vice President
—Vincent Price, Provost


Almanac - November 9, 2010, Volume 57, No. 11