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Penn Profiler

October 26, 2010, Volume 57, No. 09

Now in its third year, the Penn Profiler is a web-based tool that identifies training needs of faculty and staff and assigns the appropriate courses in Penn’s Knowledge Link learning management system. Course assignment is based on the individual’s responses to Profiler questions about his or her academic activities and job responsibilities. The Profiler takes about 10 minutes to complete, and must be updated annually, or when job responsibilities change.

For login and support information, please visit: www.upenn.edu/computing/admin-elearning/pennprofiler

Who Needs to Take Penn Profiler?

The Penn Profiler survey must be completed by all full- and part-time Penn faculty and staff, including student workers, adjuncts, CHOP affiliates, graduate students on stipends and temporary employees. Several committees that are responsible for compliance with laws, regulations and sponsor policies require that Profiler be completed before the committee will grant approvals.

Why Penn Profiler?

Penn Profiler helps the University fulfill its commitment to providing the education necessary for a quality work experience in a safe environment. Assigned courses are required by Federal and State laws and regulations, granting agencies “terms and conditions of awards,” or University policy. Many impart specific “best practice,” on-the-job skills. The Profiler addresses the following areas: Administration and Finance, Sponsored Projects, Environmental Health and Radiation Safety, Animal Care and Use, Human Subjects Protection, Clinical Care, and Development & Alumni Relations. Training assigned by Penn Profiler can be completed through Knowledge Link, a learning management system that delivers University and Health System training.

For more information on Knowledge Link, go to: www.upenn.edu/computing/admin-elearning/knowledgelink

What are the Responsibilities of Supervisors?

Each person completing the Profiler is asked to enter the e-mail address of his/her job supervisor. Supervisors are notified when their supervisees complete Penn Profilern and are responsible for following up to ensure that all required training has been completed. A supervisor can access the Learning Management Reports on an ongoing basis to track training progress, or they can communicate directly with their supervisees to monitor course completion.

For more information on Learning Management Reports, go to: www.upenn.edu/computing/da/dw/benreports/reportdoc_lms.html

Benefits of Penn Profiler

Benefits of the Penn Profiler include the following: 

• Provides a user-friendly, web-based, self-service application to identify and assign task-appropriate training in a timely manner

• Provides the research and administrative communities with easily accessible tools to assign, manage, maintain and report training information (in conjunction with Knowledge Link)

• Strengthens the University’s ability to meet ever-changing federal and regulatory compliance requirements and demands for accountability

• By facilitating training, strengthens knowledge of appropriate best practices that will prepare individuals to do their jobs safely and effectively

Additional Information

Questions about the Penn Profiler can be addressed to PennProfiler@lists.upenn.edu.

—Steven J. Fluharty, Senior Vice Provost for Research
—Stephen Golding, Vice President for Finance & Treasurer
—Chris Kops, Vice Dean for Administration and Finance, SOM
—Robin H. Beck, Vice President, Information Systems and Computing

Almanac - October 26, 2010, Volume 57, No. 09