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Wharton's Partnership for Globalization with Sovereign Bank and Santander Universities

October 19, 2010, Volume 57, No. 08

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania announced the establishment of a Partnership for Globalization with Sovereign Bank, part of Banco Santander. The Partnership will support two initiatives at the Wharton School and the Lauder Institute, enhancing teaching and research on the economic, technological, political and social aspects of globalization and the teaching of business languages. This collaboration will be channeled through Santander Universities, a Global Division at Banco Santander committed to higher education.

Through this collaboration, the Lauder Institute will launch the TrendLab on Globalization, which will provide an in-depth analysis of globalizing trends on an annual basis and develop tools and methodologies to cope with them.  Central to this three-year project is a five-day conference, hosted at the University of Pennsylvania and focusing on an annual theme. The conference will attract experts from the University of Pennsylvania and the Santander Group’s network of universities, as well as other institutions. A scholar-in-residence with expertise on the conference’s theme will be selected to spend up to two semesters at Wharton.

The Lauder Institute, a joint venture between Wharton and the School of Arts and Sciences, will also design and implement a week-long workshop for teachers of foreign languages, drawn from the Santander network and universities in the US. The purpose of these seminars is to help language teachers acquire knowledge about basic business subjects, develop strategies to incorporate them into the language curriculum, and ensure that their students learn not only to communicate effectively in a foreign language, but also to develop culturally appropriate negotiation and management skills.

“This collaboration will bring together a global network of scholars and will further the Wharton School’s commitment to expanding and sharing knowledge about today’s evolving global economy,” Wharton School Dean Thomas S. Robertson said. “We are deeply grateful for this gift and delighted to partner with Sovereign Bank and the Santander Group.”

“Sovereign Bank is proud to build upon its engagement with the Wharton School and the Lauder Institute,” said Gabriel Jaramillo, president and chief executive officer of Sovereign Bank. We believe that these initiatives will make an important contribution to our understanding of globalization, and our ability to respond to its transformative effects.”

Almanac - October 19, 2010, Volume 57, No. 08