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From the President and Provost: Extending Tenure of SAS Dean

October 19, 2010, Volume 57, No. 08

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Rebecca Bushnell has agreed to extend her tenure as Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences until June 30, 2013. As Dean, Rebecca has been a strategic and collaborative leader, working closely with her faculty, her leadership team, and with us to identify key priorities and advance the School’s vital education and research missions, even in the face of unexpected economic constraints.

Rebecca’s initial term as Dean is scheduled to end December 31, 2011. She has made clear that she would like to return to full-time scholarship and teaching. She has nevertheless graciously agreed to remain as Dean for an additional 18 months, to help carry forward the School’s important ongoing initiatives, including the conclusion of the Making History campaign.

We have consulted widely with SAS department chairs, other Deans, senior officers of the University, the chairs of the Faculty Senate, Trustee chair David L. Cohen, and SAS Board of Overseers chair David Silfen. They are unanimous in their praise for all that Rebecca has done—and continues to do—to lead the School of Arts and Sciences from excellence to eminence, and they join us in enthusiastically supporting the extension of Rebecca’s term as Dean.

Under Rebecca’s leadership, the School of Arts and Sciences has become stronger than ever, with a distinguished faculty—including more PIK professors than any other School of the University—and exceptional undergraduate and graduate students; increased support for those students; dramatic facilities enhancements, including the beautiful new Music Building; and an expanding array of signature educational and research programs aligned with the School’s strategic plan. Rebecca has also been an invaluable partner in the Making History campaign, raising more than $300 million to date for the School, in a very difficult fundraising environment.

We are confident that, with Rebecca’s continued leadership as Dean, the School of Arts and Sciences will rise to the many opportunities, goals, and challenges ahead of it. We know you will join with us in thanking her for her outstanding tenure and her willingness to continue to serve SAS and the University.

—Amy Gutmann, President

—Vincent Price, Provost

Almanac - October 19, 2010, Volume 57, No. 08