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Penn's Way Campaign: Stronger Together

October 5, 2010, Volume 57, No. 06

Stronger Together

Dear Colleagues:

With the continued energy of the combined workplace charitable giving campaign between the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Medicine, again we stand as one of the most generous campaigns in the region. Unprecedented participation levels in 2010 helped us to raise well over our $1.2 million goal for local charitable organizations! Thank you.

Our collective generosity allows us to make a broader, more immediate impact on the vulnerable populations we serve.

The combined strength of the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Medicine will propel us toward reaching this year’s goal of $1.3 million to support the communities in which we live.

The 2011 Penn’s Way Campaign encompasses three organizations, each of which utilizes their expertise to confront the challenges facing our community today. They are: The Center for Responsible Funding, Penn Medicine and United Way.

Please review the Penn’s Way materials to learn more about the campaign, which will run from October 4 to November 19. Use the environmentally friendly Penn’s Way website at www.upenn.edu/pennsway to enter your pledge online as a secure, convenient and time-saving way to support your community.

With your generosity and our combined commitment to making a difference in our region, we will build stronger neighborhoods, improve the quality of life for our communities and provide options for healthier living for all.

Please accept our sincere appreciation for your continued support!

—Maureen S. Rush, Vice President for Public Safety
University of Pennsylvania
Penn’s Way 2011 Co-Chair
—Susan E. Phillips, Senior Vice President for Public Affairs
University of Pennsylvania
Penn’s Way 2011 Co-Chair

—Camille Z. Charles, Professor of Sociology & Education
Director, Center for Africana Studies
Chair-elect Faculty Senate
University of Pennsylvania
Penn’s Way 2011 Faculty Advisor
—Peter D. Quinn, Vice Dean for Professional Services
Senior Vice President
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Penn’s Way 2011 Faculty Advisor

Penn’s Way Raffle Prizes

Week One (October 4-8, drawing October 11):

Annenberg Center for Performing Arts: Gift Certificate for Two Tickets

Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site: Six Passes for daytime visit

Landmark Theatres: Two Tickets to any Ritz Theatre

Bon Appétit at Penn Dining: Lunch for two

Business Services/Morris Arboretum: Two one-time use Guest Passes

Business Services/Penn Ice Rink: Free Skating Lessons

Business Services/Penn Ice Rink: 10 Admission Coupon Booklet

Business Services/Penn Publication Services: Penn Photography Book

Q: How can I qualify to win raffle prizes?

A: To qualify for the weekly raffle, you must participate by completing an online pledge form by Friday at 5 p.m., or by returning your completed paper pledge form to your Coordinator or Captain by his/her weekly deadline. Inaccurate, incomplete, or illegible paper pledge forms will not be entered into the raffle. All participants, including weekly raffle winners will be included in the grand prize drawing at the end of the campaign.

Penn's Way

Below are some of the many questions and answers from the FAQ section of the Penn’s Way website. See www.upenn.edu/pennsway for more.

Donor Options

Q: Why should I give to Penn’s Way?

A: It could be an act of compassion, support for a loved one, hope for a brighter future or one of many possibilities that motivates each of us to give. Whatever your reason may be, your donation will impact the life of someone in need. Donate today and let your reason make a difference in the communities and lives of those we serve.

Q: When does this year’s campaign start and how long does it run?

A: The 2011 Penn’s Way campaign begins Monday, October 4, 2010 and runs through Friday, November 19, 2010.

Q: Who can participate in Penn’s Way?

A: All University and Health System employees are eligible and encouraged to participate in Penn’s Way! Even student workers and contracted employees can use the online pledge system if they have a PennKey and password. Alternatively, they can complete a paper pledge form with their Penn ID. Student workers and contracted employees cannot choose to give via payroll deduction, however. They may only donate via cash, check, or credit card.

Q: Who are the charitable partners in the Penn’s Way workplace charitable giving campaign and what role does the Center for Responsible Funding, Penn Medicine, and United Way play?

A:The Penn’s Way campaign enjoys the support of three campaign management organizations: the Center for Responsible Funding (CRF), Penn Medicine, and the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania (UWSEPA). You may donate broadly to any of these organizations or target your contribution to any of the thousands of funds and agencies they represent. The choice is yours.

The Center for Responsible Funding (CRF) was the first nonprofit in the Philadelphia area devoted to promoting equity in philanthropic giving in workplace campaigns. CRF’s mission is to expand the fundraising capacity of grassroots nonprofit organizations working for social and economic change by opening workplace campaigns to fund federations that represent progressive organizations.

Penn Medicine, our very own world-renowned health care enterprise, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to three equally valued and inter-related missions: patient care, health education, and medical research. Penn Medicine integrates the School of Medicine with the Health System and shares a common focus with the University of Pennsylvania. Gifts to Penn Medicine organizations support a diverse range of urgent patient care needs.

United Way is working to advance the common good by focusing on education, income and health. These are the building blocks for a good life—a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family, and the support seniors need for healthy and safe aging at home. Their goal is to create lasting changes and invest in prevention and interventions that break the cycle for generations to come.

Their vision for Greater Philadelphia is bold:

Preparing Children and Youth to Succeed in School and in Life

Building Financial Stability and Independence for Families

Keeping Seniors Healthy and Safe at Home

They invite you to be part of the change. Together, united, we can inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Q: How were the Penn Medicine organizations chosen?

A: Prior to 2006, many of these organizations—such as the Abramson Cancer Center, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Pennsylvania Hospital, and Wissahickon Hospice—were agencies available to both Health System and University donors under the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania umbrella. When the University and Health System campaigns combined in 2006, these and other options were reclassified under the Penn Medicine umbrella, although all donations to these organizations are still administered by the United Way.

Q: I don’t see my favorite charity listed on the Penn’s Way website or anywhere on the printed material. How can I donate to them through Penn’s Way?

A: On both the website and printed agency list, you will notice thousands of funds and agencies to which you can give. If you do not see a charity of your choice listed, please contact the United Way Donor Choice Hotline at (215) 665-2598. If they are unable to assist you, please contact one of the following organizations to determine if your favorite charity is eligible:

Center for Responsible Funding at (215) 925-6140; Penn Medicine at (215) 573-4040; or United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania at (215) 665-2598.










Almanac - October 5, 2010, Volume 57, No. 06