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September 28, 2010, Volume 57, No. 05

Since 1956, Penn has celebrated a rite of passage each year for faculty and staff of all ranks who meet only one common requisite: they have been members of the University community for 25 years. Another 177 new members crossed the 25-year mark in 2010 and will be inducted at the University of Pennsylvania 25-Year Club celebration on October 7. Members at New Bolton Center will have a separate celebration on October 13.

25-Year Club: New Members for 2010

Dr. Charles S. Abrams, Hematology/Oncology/Med

Mrs. Patricia R. Adams, Nursing HR & Organization/Nursing

Dr. Joel Adler, Organizational Dynamics/SAS

Mrs. S. Lynne Allen-Taylor, Center for Clinical Biostatistics/Med

Mrs. Dorothy Green Archey, University Library

Dr. David A. Asch, Internal Medicine/Med

Mrs. Martina Bale, German/SAS

Dr. Scott P. Bartlett, Surgery Administration/Med

Dr. Sandra R. Bates-Kenney, Physiology/Med

Dr. Amy J. Behrman, Emergency Medicine/Med

Dr. Simon Z. Benninga, Finance/Wharton

Ms. Linda D. Berger, Morris Arboretum

Dr. Philip D. Bergey, Radiology/Med

Dr. Donald H. Berry, Chemistry/SAS

Ms. Elizabeth C. Berwick, Clinical Practice Administration/Med

Mr. Hanley P. Bodek, City Planning/Design

Dr. Bonnie K. Botel-Sheppard, Graduate School of Education 

Mr. Brian C. Brandt, Ophthalmology/Med

Dr. Charles R. Bridges Jr., Surgery Administration/Med

Ms. Mildred Brown, Finance and Administration/ Wharton

Ms. Miriam Burwasser, the College/SAS

Mrs. Anne G. Campbell, Dean’s Office/ SAS

Dr. Peter Cappelli, Management/Wharton

Mrs. Elizabeth Carfagno, the College/SAS

Ms. Maryann R. Casale, Penn Fund/Development & Alumni Relations

Dr. Francine Cedrone, Surgery Administration/Med   

Ms. Michele Cepparulo, Psychiatry Business Office /Med   

Dr. Dorothy L. Cheney, Biology/SAS  

Dr. John K. Choi, CHOP Pathology/Med   

Mrs. Mary Ann Clarke, Student Financial Services/Division of Finance  

Mrs. Kathleen Clawson, SAS Dean’s Office/SAS  

Ms. Corona Cohen-Choice, Neurology/Med   

Mr. Michael Colleluori, Trades/Facilities Management

Ms. Heather W. Collins, Institute for Diabetes/Med   

Mr. John Allen Cook, Fire and Emergency Services/
Division of Public Safety    

Ms. Karen L. Cook, Population Studies Center/SAS   

Dr. James W. Cornish, Addictions/Med   

Dr. Shea Ann Cronley, Pediatrics/Med   

Ms. April M. Crute, Housekeeping /Facilities Management

Dr. William P. Dailey, Chemistry/SAS  

Mr. Frederik A. Dambrink, Reprographics/Wharton

Mr. Aaron Bernard Daniels, Housekeeping/Facilities Management

Dr. Patricia M. Danzon, Health Care/Wharton

Dr. Sherrill Davison-Yeakel, Pathobiology/Vet

Mr. Reinaldo Delvalle, University Museum    

Ms. Marie E. Dirvin, Student Financial Services/Division of Finance  

Ms. Gail Dorn, Clinical Practice Administration/Med   

Dr. Denis S. Drummond, Orthopaedics, CHOP Surgery 

Ms. Janet M. Dwyer, President’s Office/President’s Center   

Mr. Paul P. Dziomba, Financial Systems/Division of Finance  

Ms. Teresa M. Dziomba, Human Resources      

Dr. Charles L. Epstein, Mathematics/SAS

Dr. Harold I. Feldman, Renal-Electrolyte and Hypertension/Med   

Dr. Huisheng Feng, Physiology/Med   

Dr. Hocine Fetni, the College/SAS  

Dr. Alan J. Filreis, English/SAS  

Dean Michael A. Fitts, Law School 

Ms. Traci F. Frank, Pediatrics/Med   

Dr. Samuel Freeman, Philosophy /SAS  

Dr. Susan A. Friedman, Pediatrics/Med   

Dr. Emma E. Furth, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine/Med   

Ms. Deborah Gaspari, Neuroscience/Med   

Dr. Glen N. Gaulton, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine/Med   

Ms. Gloria M. Gay, Penn Women’s Center/Student Services     

Dr. Larry Gladney, Physics and Astronomy/SAS  

Ms. Elinor I. Goff, Morris Arboretum     

Dr. Avery M. Goldstein, Political Science/SAS  

Ms. Cherlynne Graham-Seay, Classical Studies/SAS  

Dr. Mark I. Greene, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine/Med   

Mr. Robert R. Gutowski, Morris Arboretum     

Dr. Laszlo Gyulai, Psychiatry/Med  

Mrs. Jessica Hannan, Biddle Law Library/Law School  

Mrs. Angela Harris Henry, Systems Engineering/ISC     

Dr. Jay Harry Hoffman, Preventive and Restorative Science/Dental Med    

Dr. Nancy H. Hornberger, Graduate School of Education

Ms. Cheryl L. Howard, Student Financial Services/Division of Finance  

Mr. Donald A. Huesman, Computing and Instruction/Wharton

Ms. Patricia Hutchings, School of Engineering

Dr. Jay R. Jackson, Obstetrics and Gynecology/Med   

Mr. William R. Jameson, Biomedical Library/University Library   

Dr. Mary Kathryn Jedrziewski,  Institute on Aging/Med   

Mr. Earl E. Johnson, Outside Managed Dining/Business Services     

Mr. Edward J. Kamarauskas, Executive Education/Wharton

Dr. Sami Khella, Neurology/Med   

Ms. Irene R. Kieba, Pathology/Dental Med    

Dr. Bruce Kinosian, General Internal Medicine/Med   

Mr. Jonathan D. Klein, Information Technology
Facilities Management/ FRES

Mr. Mark Kocent, Facilities Management/ Office of the University Architect

Dr. Ronald L. Kotler, Medicine Affiliates Administration/Med   

Dr. Friedrich Kuebler, Law School  

Ms. Valerie M. Layden, Obstetrics and Gynecology/Med   

Dr. Paul R. Levy, City Planning/Design     

Dr. Richard J. Lin, Anesthesia/Med   

Dr. Ian C. Macmillan, Management/Wharton

Ms. Delores Magobet, Electrical and Systems Engineering/SEAS

Ms. Mary Beth Mahoney, University Library   

Dr. George J. Mailath, Economics/SAS  

Ms. Annette Martinez, Penn Medicine Development/Development & Alumni Relations

Dr. Leo F. McCluskey, Neurology/Med   

Mr. Thomas Joseph McKenna, Psychiatry/Med   

Mr. William J. McManus, Computing/SAS  

Ms. Diane M. Meredith, Hematology/Oncology/Med   

Mr. Michael J. Merva, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine/Med   

Dr. Cheryl L. Micheau, Graduate School of Education 

Ms. Donna M. Milici, Office of Information/Nursing    

Ms. Millicent Minnick, Physics and Astronomy/SAS  

Ms. Catherine A. Molony, Executive MBA/ Wharton

Mr. David P. Moreno, University Library   

Ms. Barbara A. Murray, Financial Training/Division of Finance  

Ms. Rose Marie Naroznowski, Animal Biology/Vet

Ms. Medha Narvekar, Principal Gifts/Development & Alumni Relations

Mrs. Helen A. Navaline, Addictions HIV-AIDS Prevention/Med   

Ms. Elizabeth Neaves Straw, Infectious Diseases/Med   

Mr. Patrick E. O’Brien, Billing and Insurance/Dental Med    

Dr. Terence A. Oliva, Marketing/Wharton

Dr. Karl F. Otto, Germanic Language & Literature/SAS   

Dr. Karen Overall, Anatomy-Chemistry/Med   

Mr. Joseph Parsio, Biddle Law Library/Law School  

Ms. Alethea G. Pena, Admin/Med   

Mrs. Magida Phillips, Technology Support Services/ISC     

Dr. David Anthony Piccoli, Pediatrics/Med   

Ms. Linda Pierson, External Affairs/Wharton

Ms. Maria J. Pitone, Executive Education/Wharton

Dr. Randall N. Pittman, Pharmacology/Med   

Dr. Marie F. Poplas, Psychology/SAS  

Dr. R. Arlen Price, Behavioral Genetics/Med   

Mr. William Quigley, Operations and Maintenance Administration/
Facilities Management

Mrs. Shulamit R. Radin, Bioengineering/SEAS

Dr. Krishna Ramaswamy, Finance/Wharton

Mrs. Anasuya V. Rao, University Library  

Mrs. Carol June (Brit) Ray, Communications/
Development & Alumni Relations

Dr. Donald A. Ringe, Linguistics/SAS  

Ms. Joslyn R. Robinson, Pharmacology/Med   

Ms. Sharon Robinson, Neurosurgery/Med   

Ms. Allison M. Rose, Dean’s Office/SAS  

Ms. Anne I. Rose, Publications Services/Business Services    

Mr. Scott M. Rusch, Transportation and Parking/Business Services    

Dr. J. Eric Russell, Hematology/Oncology/Med    

Dr. Eileen A. Ryan, Biobehavioral and Health Sciences/Nursing    

Ms. Elaine Rymsza, Administrative Information Technologies/ISC     

Mrs. Clare R. Salamon, Orthodontics/Dental Med    

Mr. Philip W. Samko, Recreation and Athletics

Dr. Jorge Juan Santiago, Electrical and Systems Engineering/SEAS

Dr. Dahlia Mishell Sataloff, Surgery Administration/Med   

Dr. Donald F. Schwarz, Pediatrics/Med   

Ms. B. Diane Scipio, Office of Information/Nursing    

Ms. Anita L. Scott, Pathology Business Office/Med    

Mr. Daniel P. Scull, Cancer Center/Med   

Mr. Jonathan Segal, University Library 

Dr. Robert M. Seyfarth, Psychology/SAS  

Dr. Barbara Shapiro, Psychiatry/Med   

Dr. Kathy Shaw, Pediatrics/Med   

Mr. Daniel T. Sheehan, Systems Engineering/ISC     

Ms. Margaret A. Sheridan, Ophthalmology/Med   

Dr. Gary Smith, Clinical Studies-New Bolton Center/Vet

Ms. Jacqueline Smith, Student Financial Services/Division of Finance  

Ms. Debra Sokalczuk, Stiteler Hall Business Administration/SAS  

Dr. Virginia A. Stallings, Pediatrics/Med   

Dr. Hansell Hall Stedman, Surgery Administration/Med   

Dr. Janet D. Steinberg, Ophthalmology/Med   

Dr. Greg P. Sykes, Pathobiology/Vet

Ms. Angela D. Taylor, Physiology/Med   

Mr. Thomas E. Truesdale, Trades/Facilities Management

Mr. William H. Turner, University Life Administration/Student Services     

Dr. Thomas J. Van Winkle, Pathobiology/Vet

Ms. Adele J. Waerig, Morris Arboretum  

Mr. Granville B. Walcott, Outside Managed Dining/Business Services    

Mr. Edward R. Weaver, New Bolton Center/Vet

Mrs. Terri E. Weaver, Biobehavioral and Health Sciences/Nursing    

Dr. David W. Wedell, Oral Surgery and Pharmacology/Dental Med    

Dr. Josef W. Wegner, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations/SAS  

Mr. John Charles Whitbeck, Pathobiology/Vet

Dr. Evelyn B. Wiener, Student Health Services    

Ms. Andrea M. Williams, Finance and Administration/Wharton

Ms. Robin E. Woods, Management/Wharton

Ms. Helen S. Wright, Management/Wharton

Dr. Marc Young, Ophthalmology/Med    


Almanac - September 28, 2010, Volume 57, No. 05