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Natural Elements at the Burrison Gallery
September 21, 2010, Volume 57, No. 04

Brocade and Branches

The Burrison Gallery presents: Natural Elements by Marilyn Paul, now through October 31.

Marilyn Paul, mother of 2010 Penn graduate Austin Paul, is a fine art printmaker. When visiting their son at school, she and her husband, Howard, often stayed at the Inn at Penn, and enjoyed viewing the variety of exhibits at Burrison Gallery. Now, she is pleased to bring a bit of rural Central Pennsylvania to the gallery with her art.

Her mixed media prints express the joy and beauty found in the farmlands, gardens, forests and roadsides near her home. Her work explores the tentative aspect of nature, the spiritual connection of man to the environment, and the need to protect what we have. She collects plant materials and handmade papers to incorporate into her work. Her hand-pulled prints show glimpses, patterns and textures of nature through multiple images.

An award-winning artist and teacher, she is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in art education and Bloomsburg University with a master’s degree in printmaking. Recently retired, she taught high school art for 32 years. She creates her prints on a press in her home studio in Northumberland, PA. Her works are made up of numerous printing techniques including collagraph, monotype, etching and chine colle.

Pictured: "Brocade and Branches" by Marilyn Paul is currently on display at the Burrison Gallery.

Almanac - September 21, 2010, Volume 57, No. 04