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Human Resources: Upcoming Programs
September 14, 2010, Volume 57, No. 03

Your Body: From Head to Toe
Taking care of your health means being well informed, well prepared, and capable of making good choices when it comes to your body. This series of workshops, led by physicians and health experts from the University of Pennsylvania and the Health System, will address various health issues from head to toe and steps you can take to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Pre-registration is required for these workshops, which are sponsored by Human Resources. You are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch to the sessions. For more information and to register, visit the online course catalog at www.hr.upenn.edu/coursecatalog or contact Human Resources at (215) 898-5116 or suzsmith@upenn.edu.

Metabolism and Calorie Needs: Finding a Balance; September 15; noon–1p.m.; free.
Calorie consumption is an important part of weight loss. Regardless of whether your diet focuses on fat or carbohydrate intake, you’ll gain weight if you take in more calories than your body needs. Come to this workshop to learn about and better understand the concept of metabolism and calorie requirements. It will be led by Terri Brownlee, regional director of nutrition for Bon Appétit Management Co.

Want to Lose Weight and Keep it Off?

It’s no secret that a nutritious diet and regular exercise are important to our health and wellbeing. But it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle year-round. If you want to learn how to eat right, lose weight and stay healthy, consider joining Weight Watchers at Penn.

Meetings are held on campus every Tuesday, giving you the support and flexibility you need to succeed and stay on track. You’ll learn how to make informed decisions about your nutrition and exercise choices. Plus, you can save money by joining Weight Watchers today! From now until October 5, you can become a member for less than half the regular price.

For more information, including rates, meeting details and to participate, visit the Human Resources website at www.hr.upenn.edu/Quality/Wellness/WeightWatchers.aspx.


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Almanac - September 14, 2010, Volume 57, No. 03