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Pennsylvania Muscle Institute Pilot Project & Visiting Scholar Grants: Muscle Biology, Muscle Disease, and Cell Motility—June 18
May 25, 2010, Volume 56, No. 34

The Pennsylvania Muscle Institute is accepting applications for pilot grants for innovative research projects in muscle, muscle disease, cytoskeleton, and cell motility. We will provide up to three grants of $40,000 each to enable faculty members to pursue novel approaches in key PMI emphasis areas. Preference will be given to proposals that (a) target areas in muscle biology and muscle disease, (b) initiate new multi-investigator collaborations, or (c) develop new technologies. Recipients will be expected to use the funds for one year to obtain preliminary data to support an extramural application, especially a federal, multi-investigator grant.  Funds may also be used to sponsor a visiting scholar, with the goal of bringing prominent muscle researchers to Penn for the purpose of fostering new collaborations that will result in extramural funding.

E-mail a PDF file of the application by June 18 to mafoster@mail.med.upenn.edu. The application should include:  1. Cover page and abstract:  Include contact information for the PI and major collaborators, and an abstract of up to 250 words.  2. Budget and justification (1 page): one year (7/1/10–6/30/11), up to $40,000.  Salary support for technical personnel is allowed, but salary support for faculty is not.  3. Research Proposal (4 pages max).  Provide specific aims, background, rationale, and experimental approach.  Indicate how this project represents a new direction for your laboratory, and please provide a plan for continued funding.  4. NIH format biosketches of key personnel.  For further details, please visit the PMI website, www.med.upenn.edu/pmi.

—Dr. Michael Ostap,
Director, Pennsylvania Muscle Institute
Professor of Physiology, School of Medicine



Almanac - May 25, 2010, Volume 56, No. 34