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ISC’s New High Capacity Service for Penn’s Research Community
May 25, 2010, Volume 56, No. 34

Information Systems and Computing (ISC) is providing a new service for researchers whose work generates large amounts of data that is sent to other institutions for further study. The new service is called ION (Interoperable On-Demand Network) and is an excellent service for those researchers who send large amounts of data infrequently. ION offers flexibility at a low cost.

Internet2, which provides higher bandwidth than the Internet, has been available for more than 10 years to researchers through ISC.  Internet2 provides 1 Gigabit which is shared by everyone simultaneously across the University. Under normal usage, this provides sufficient capacity for Penn’s research community. However, if a researcher sends an unusually large amount of data to other institutions, a large portion of the Gigabit is utilized. This causes insufficient capacity for others to use and results in a slowdown of their data transmission.

ION addresses this situation. ION provides increased bandwidth of up to an additional 1 Gigabit of dedicated capacity for 24 hours per session with the option to renew for short periods. At the request of an individual researcher, ISC can provide a short term connection to ION solely for that person’s use. This means a researcher who has an exceptionally large amount of data to transmit can now request a temporary connection to ION, send the data more easily and more quickly to other institutions, and not impact the ability of others to send data using Internet2. Requests for ION connections should be made two to four weeks in advance. Plans are underway to increase the capacity available through ION up to 10 Gig in the future. 

In addition, for researchers who routinely send exceptionally large amounts of data, ISC offers another service which can create a permanent long-term connection. 

For more information about the new ION and other services, please contact Greg Palmer at gpalmer@isc.upenn.edu or Mike Palladino at mikep@isc.upenn.edu

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Almanac - May 25, 2010, Volume 56, No. 34