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Wharton School Senior Leadership Appointments
May 11, 2010, Volume 56, No. 33

Thomas S. Robertson, dean of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, has announced new senior leadership appointments. They are:

Douglas H. Collom as vice dean of Wharton, San Francisco

Derrick Heggans as managing director, Wharton Sports Business Initiative

Sam Lundquist as associate dean for External Affairs

Dr. Jason Wingard as vice dean of Executive Education

“I am delighted that Jason, Doug, Sam and Derrick are now in place as senior administrators here at Wharton,” said Dean Robertson. “They are each uniquely qualified for their positions, with a depth of experience that will make a substantial impact.”

Dr. Jason Wingard: Vice Dean of Executive Education


In his role as vice dean, Dr. Wingard will oversee Wharton’s offering of non-degree executive education programs including open enrollment and custom programs. Each year, Wharton Executive Education works with more than 9,000 business leaders on campus in Philadelphia, at Wharton in San Francisco, and at global locations such as India, China and Europe. 

Dr. Wingard’s appointment represents a return to Wharton Executive Education where he was previously a senior director. 

Prior to his return, he was executive director of the Stanford Educational Leadership Institute, where he provided overall leadership for all of the Institute’s classroom and field-based development services to non-profit executives nationwide. Most recently a senior fellow at the Aspen Institute, Dr. Wingard is also founder and managing partner of The Zoeza Group, a management consulting firm specializing in organizational strategy, leadership development, and business planning for international executive clients across sectors. Dr. Wingard holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Stanford University, master’s degrees in education from Emory University and Harvard University, and a PhD from the Graduate School of Education at Penn.

Douglas H. Collom: Vice Dean of Wharton, San Francisco


Mr. Collom ascends to the vice dean position after more than a year as executive director of Wharton, San Francisco. As vice dean, Mr. Collom will manage the Wharton MBA Program for Executives in San Francisco, West Coast operations, working closely with Wharton External Affairs to develop and manage West Coast operations. He will also coordinate with Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs. He will continue to work closely with the current staff at Wharton in San Francisco as well as Wharton’s senior administrative staff in Philadelphia.

Mr. Collom has served as an adjunct professor at Wharton since 2002. He and Professor Raffi Amit have co-taught a course on venture capital and start-up companies, initially at Wharton in San Francisco and, since 2006, in Philadelphia as well. In addition, Mr. Collom has been a corporate partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, a preeminent technology law firm based in Palo Alto, CA,where he has concentrated in counseling technology companies at all stages of growth for over 20 years. He received his JD from the UCLA School of Law and his BA in US history from Stanford.


Sam Lundquist: Associate Dean for External Affairs


In his new position, Mr. Lundquist is responsible for all fundraising activities at Wharton, including oversight of a staff and group of professional development officers. Most recently he held the position of vice president for Development and Alumni Relations at Bucknell University where he planned and launched a $400 million comprehensive university campaign.

Mr. Lundquist spent much of his early career as a member of the Wharton and Penn communities.  Mr. Lundquist’s many roles on Penn’s campus included serving as: assistant vice president for Penn Development and Campaign Initiatives; managing director of Administrative Services in the Wharton Graduate Division; chief of staff in the Wharton Dean’s Office; and director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid.  In addition, Mr. Lundquist was director of MBA Admissions at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School. 


Derrick Heggans: Managing Director, Wharton Sports Business Initiative


As managing director, Mr. Heggans will guide the development and growth of the Wharton Sports Business Initiative (WSBI), which studies the sports industry through educational programs and research, and whose faculty director is Professor Kenneth Shropshire. Prior to his current position, Mr. Heggans worked in the Office of the Commissioner of the National Football League as assistant counsel for Broadcast Operations and Policy. Subsequently he was named general manager of AOL’s Sports Channel. Most recently, Mr. Heggans operated Heggans and Company Enterprises, a consultancy on sports and media related matters where he was executive producer on Third and Long, a documentary about the history of African American professional football players. Mr. Heggans received his BA from Duke University and his JD from George Washington University where he was a lecturer the past five years.





Almanac - May 11, 2010, Volume 56, No. 33