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Senate 2009-2010
May 11, 2010, Volume 56, No. 33

Senate Committee on Faculty Development, Diversity, and Equity (SCFDDE)

General Committee Charge:

The Committee (i) identifies and promotes best practices for faculty development, mentoring and work environment to facilitate faculty success at all career levels; (ii) evaluates and advocates processes for faculty recruitment, promotion, and retention that promote diversity, equity, and work/life balance for the faculty; (iii) monitors the status of faculty development, mentoring, diversity and equity; and (iv) issues periodic reports on the activities and findings of the committee and makes recommendations for implementation.

Specific Charges:

The Committee reviewed and accepted the draft specific charges for this AY referred to it by the Senate Executive Committee. These were to:

1. Continue joint efforts on minority recruitment and faculty diversity with University Council Diversity and Equity Subcommittee on the Faculty and Vice Provost for Faculty.

2. Monitor implementation of mentorship programs throughout the University.

3. Monitor implementation of the Forum for Women Faculty.

4. Monitor affordable childcare service provision.

5. Request update from Provost concerning sexual harassment workshops.

6. The Committee affirmed that while progress in mentoring would be tracked, the major emphasis would be placed on diversity, harassment, and childcare.

Report of Activities:

The Committee will have met a total of nine times by the end of the Academic Year. One meeting included the Provost, one the immediate past Ombudsman and Associate Ombudsman, and one the Vice President for Institutional Affairs; two meetings were held jointly with the University Council on Diversity and Equity Subcommittee on the Faculty (including one with the newly appointed Vice Provost for Faculty Lynn Lees). Further collaboration between SCFDDE and the Council’s Subcommittee on the Faculty was achieved through ex officio appointment of the Chair John Jackson to the SCFDDE, exchange of minutes, and participation of the two chairs in the interview process for a new University Affirmative Action Officer.

With respect to its charges:

1. Diversity in faculty recruitment & retention, the committee:

a. Explored with the Vice Provost for Faculty the need for each school to develop a strategic plan for diversity and to report annually on progress to the Provost.

b. Recommended and secured the web posting of the Vice Provost’s training program on Unconscious Bias in Hiring for Search Committees; explored recommendation of making this part of Knowledge Link and a requirement for each Search Committee member.

c. Explored the use of a Balanced Scorecard strategy for achieving diversity goals.

d. Continued to urge the development of a website to facilitate diversity in recruitment & retention of a diverse faculty.

2. Regarding mentorship, the Committee:

a. Reviewed the University’s Climate Survey (in development) and recommended additional items on mentoring for inclusion.

b. Confirmed currency and accuracy and posted Mentoring Best Practices for each school on the Mentoring Website (Vice Provost for Faculty Home Page); access was monitored, achieving an average of ~27 hits per month.

3. Regarding the Forum for Women Faculty, the Committee:

a. Heard regular reports from the Vice President of the Council.

b. Recommended inclusion of newly retired women in the annual reception.

c. Informed the SEC of the newly established Award for Recognition of significant contributions to advancing the role of women in higher education and research at Penn.

4. Regarding child care, the Committee:

a. Reviewed, gave feedback on and tracked the roll out of the new policy on backup child care.

b. Explored alternative methods for effective dissemination.

5. Regarding the sexual harassment and bias in recruitment training charge, the Committee:

a. Reviewed the Sexual Harassment Policy.

b. Met with the Past Ombudsman and Associate Ombudsman and with the Vice President for Institutional Affairs to explore implementation and effectiveness of Penn’s policy on harassment.

c. Requested reconciliation between all sexual harassment documents.

d. Recommended dissemination of the exemplar GSE EEO & Harassment Policy document across the schools.

e. Identified that faculty are not reporting incidents, and that no resource currently exists for faculty to use that is a ‘non-reporting’ entity; requested that an informal survey of Penn’s peer schools be conducted to identify practices re: providing a non-reporting resource for faculty and their policy dissemination practices.

f. Recommended strongly that trainings on sexual harassment and bias in recruitment be continued across the campus.

Recommended Activities for AY 2010-2011:

• Promote continuing development of faculty mentoring

o Assure that items on mentorship are included in the fall University climate survey

o Continue work on the mentoring metrics blueprint, in dialogue with the new Provost

o Request from the Provost a report on the adequacy of the annual deans’ reports on mentoring; review and make recommendations based on findings

o Confirm that orientation and training for new and ongoing department chairs includes mentoring; make recommendations as appropriate

• Harmonize the understanding between the Office of the Provost and the various schools concerning the trajectory of faculty promotion, with special attention to extensions

• Monitor and support the evolution of the Women’s Faculty Forum

• Continue to support accessible child care

o Review dissemination and uptake of the new policy on backup child care

• Promote strategies to eradicate sexual harassment and enhance diversity

o Follow up on SCFDDE recommendations regarding sexual harassment, especially the identification of non-reporting resources for faculty

o Confirm that orientation and training for new and ongoing department chairs include sexual harassment

o Continue to meet with and collaborate with the Council Committee on Diversity to pursue solutions to achieve faculty diversity, including a university level diversity web site development, school level diversity strategic plans with annual reports to the Provost,  use of balanced scorecard as a tool to help achieve a culture that embraces diversity

o Promote training for all search committees on bias in hiring

SCFDDE Membership 2009-2010

Lois Evans (School of Nursing), Chair

Clifford Deutschman (School of Medicine)

Helen Davies (School of Medicine)

Olena Jacenko (School of Veterinary Medicine)

Kelly Jordan-Sciutto (School of Dental Medicine)

Susan Margulies (School of Engineering & Applied Science)

John Jackson (Annenberg School of Communication), ex officio

Harvey Rubin (School of Medicine), ex officio

Robert Hornik (Annenberg School for Communication), ex officio

Index of Annual Reports of Senate Committees for 2009-2010

Almanac - May 11, 2010, Volume 56, No. 33