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$3.16 Million Gift: Wharton—Netter Center—Community Partnership
May 11, 2010, Volume 56, No. 33

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has announced the Wharton—Netter Center—Community Partnership, established with an anonymous $3.16 million gift. 

 The goal of the Wharton—Netter Center—Community Partnership is to create an effective model for University-assisted community development that can be replicated in other cities nationally and throughout the world.  The Partnership combines the resources and analytical strength of the Wharton School with the Barbara and Edward Netter Center’s long history of working to connect Penn’s academic mission with the needs of its surrounding neighborhoods.  The Partnership will work collaboratively with the West Philadelphia community and institutional partners to generate and implement programs in social impact that involve Wharton and other Penn students and faculty in curricular, co-curricular, and research activities.

“The Penn Compact—our vision to propel the University from excellence to eminence—is informed by three principles: increasing access, integrating knowledge, and engaging locally and globally,” said Penn President Amy Gutmann. “By building upon the considerable interdisciplinary expertise of the Wharton School and the Netter Center, we hope to strengthen the model for community partnerships in West Philadelphia and eventually facilitate growth for communities around the country.”  

“We are deeply grateful for this gift,” stated Wharton School Dean Thomas S. Robertson.  “The Wharton—Netter Center—Community Partnership will stand as a dramatic example of the potential for business to enact positive change on both local and global levels.” 

 Leonard Lodish, Wharton’s vice dean for Social Impact, was excited “to leverage Wharton’s business and management competencies with other Penn resources to make a difference first in West Philadelphia and ultimately much more broadly.”

 Ira Harkavy, the director of the Netter Center, emphasized that “this program will highlight how democratic, comprehensive university-community partnerships can powerfully advance research and learning, as well as the quality of life in communities.”



Almanac - May 11, 2010, Volume 56, No. 33