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Telephone Services: Planning a Move or Office Renovation?
April 27, 2010, Volume 56, No. 31

If you are planning a move or renovation during June, July, or August, now is the time to schedule your project with ISC.  Please contact our ISC N&T Service Desk at (215) 746-6000 or service-requests@isc.upenn.edu to consult with our Project Leaders regarding your move and your telephony and data requirements.  This could be an opportunity to convert your department to PennNet Phone, thus avoiding the costs associated with having ISC move your telephone service.

Reduce Your Monthly Telephone Bill

ISC has disconnected more than 750 telephone lines during FY10 with a potential annual savings of $148,500 to our clients!  If you would like to join the departments who have taken advantage of ISC’s free telephone audit service, please contact the ISC N&T Service Desk at (215) 746-6000 or service-requests@isc.upenn.edu.  ISC will provide a detailed audit of the number of telephone lines and voice mail boxes in use across your department.  This report will include a review of your department’s telephone lines that have not had local or long distance calls placed from them during the past 12 months.  Departments may use the review to identify telephone lines and voice mail boxes that may be turned off, potentially reducing monthly telephone charges.

Please visit our voice services website at www.upenn.edu/computing/voice/ for additional information.

—Michael Palladino, Associate Vice President,
ISC Networking & Telecommunications

Almanac - April 27, 2010, Volume 56, No. 31