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“Romance” April 5—May 14
April 6, 2010, Volume 56, No. 28


Susanna Corson-Finnerty’s show at the Burrison Gallery, entitled Romance, is composed of abstract images in photography. Her work explores the dialogue between man-made objects and nature. She photographs the effect of nature on human constructions, which resemble abstract paintings. Rusting or flaking in her photographs intentionally have a celestial, other-worldly feel to them.

Ms. Corson-Finnerty is a Philadelphia-based freelance photographer. Her photographs have been shown in exhibitions in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. Her work is published in an anthology, is featured on numerous websites, and is part of many private collections.  She graduated cum laude from McGill University in Montréal, Quebec. Her love of photography was born out of a desire to capture beauty as she traveled the world; it is the language she uses to express her perspective, both at home and abroad.

For more information, visit her website: www.susannaphotography.com or contact her directly at susanna_corson@yahoo.com.

A reception will be held at the Burrison Gallery on Friday, April 9, from 6-8 p.m.



Almanac - April 6, 2010, Volume 56, No. 28