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Expansion of Partnership with Peking University
March 30, 2010, Volume 56, No. 27

In a recent ceremony on Peking University’s campus, the University of Pennsylvania and Peking University announced an agreement recognizing shared academic interests between the two universities. The memorandum of understanding builds on several existing partnerships between the two universities, namely between the Wharton and Guanghua schools of business. In addition, Penn’s School of Dental Medicine and Peking’s School of Stomatology signed an agreement of understanding to facilitate research and educational programs. As part of the day’s events, Penn and Peking faculty gathered on campus, convening discussions on international relations, oral health, management and leadership and globalization.

“Penn and Peking share a devotion to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom across academic boundaries and national borders,” Penn President Amy Gutmann said. “Our two universities—and our countries—have benefited from rewarding student exchanges and from our research partnerships in management, law, communications and oral health.”

Established in 2007, the Guanghua-Wharton Strategic Partnership is designed to promote academic collaboration as well as faculty and student exchanges between the two business schools. The schools have established a research facility on the campus of Guanghua to facilitate research conducted by Wharton faculty when they visit. The faculty collaboration includes a research initiative on firms and markets in China. Other research projects include studies of large family businesses and ownership and performance of Chinese corporations.

Faculty and student exchanges between the two business schools have been productive. Six faculty members from Wharton visited Guanghua in 2009 to exchange research ideas, and Wharton Professor Z. John Zhang organizes a yearly consortium for junior scholars on the Guanghua campus. More than 80 participants in Wharton’s MBA program for executives were hosted by Guanghua on its campus during an immersion tour to learn about the Chinese economy. The schools have a vibrant student-exchange program both at the MBA and undergraduate levels.

Penn’s School of Dental Medicine and Peking’s School of Stomatology are strengthening faculty and student ties through a new memorandum of understanding, to be signed on campus, which outlines exchange of students and faculty, exchange of learning resources and the possibility of joint research projects between the two faculties. Peking hosted a day-long symposium on oral health which included sessions on smoking and oral health, modern endodontic therapy, maxillofacial surgery, implants and prosthetics.

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President of the University of Pennsylvania Amy Gutmann, and President of Peking University, Qifeng Zhou
Earlier this month, Penn President Amy Gutmann and Peking University president Qifeng Zhou signed a memorandum of understanding building on partnerships between the two universities.


Almanac - March 30, 2010, Volume 56, No. 27